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DISCLAIMER 1: This "Blog" is a sugar-free Political Zone so please treat it as such because as citizens of the USA our constitution allows me to have freedom of speech. YOU also have the ability to NOT read something if you don't wish to so please don't pass on your hatred here. If something here offends you I DON'T want to here about it! Do not read this if you are intolerant of people with differing opinions than yourself because there will be opinions and statements you probably will not agree with. Do not read OR comment if you to hate people because their statements do not agree with your belief systems!

DISCLAIMER 2: I DO welcome your comments whether you agree or disagree, however, all comments must be respectful AND cogent AND relevant to the topic AND it would be wise to be prepared for a in depth response.  AGAIN please make sure your responses or comments have clear and logical arguments, NO ranting and raving or such things. I would hope that no matter the subject or anyone’s opinion we could all have a civilized discourse about it. Those who do not follow these simple guidelines will be ignored and blocked quicker than you can say "I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman!" -Your cooperation in this matter is not voluntary! LOL

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