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One Poll IS Like the Other Because They’re ALL Cons Jobs!

An AVM Investigative Essay by John M Jones III (5/30/19)

As of 2016 there are over 292,000,000 million American Citizens and of those citizens there was a poultry 157,000,000 million registered US voters. The mainstream media constantly report that they know what American voters think, but can they? Many news organizations breathlessly report on poll after poll where they say republicans this and president Trump that but its all literally a con job and the sad part is, that they admit it’s a sham right in the poll summary, but it’s still considered news.

Let’s look at just one of these polls to see just how FAKE they are:

Headline: March 7, 2018 - Trump Gets Most Votes As Worst President Since WWII, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Reagan, Obama Top Trump 4-1 As Best President (3)

First paragraph: “Donald Trump is the worst of the 13 presidents who have served since the end of World War II, 41 percent of American voters say, followed by 21 percent who list Barack Obama and 10 percent who cite Richard Nixon, in a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today. (3)

Who are these ‘American voters’? did they speak to all of them? The fact they did not say how many voters they spoke to is a dead giveaway that the ENTIRE thing is FAKE NEWS! (3)

Fifth paragraph: “American voters give Trump a negative 38 - 56 percent approval rating. There are wide gender and racial gaps. Men approve 44 percent, with 49 percent disapproving. Women disapprove 62 - 33 percent. White voters are divided 47 - 48 percent. Disapproval is 86 - 7 percent among black voters and 68 - 24 percent among Hispanic voters” (3) Again, who are these ‘American, white voters, black voter or Hispanic voters’ they are referencing?

Paragraph six: “Trump gets a divided score for handling the economy as 46 percent of voters approve and 49 percent disapprove. Voters disapprove 61 - 33 percent of his handling of foreign policy.“ (3)

Paragraph seven: "President Donald Trump's best card, perhaps his only card, remains the economy where he is close to break-even. He's tanking on foreign policy and he draws even more fire on his handling of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.” I though this was a poll based on voter preference not the writer’s opinion. (3)

Paragraph eight: "In 73 years, 13 men have governed from behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and none of them have done so with less admiration from the American people." More opinion from the writer. (3)

Paragraph nine: “American voters disapprove 63 - 26 percent of the way President Trump handles issues involving Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Notice they don’t mention that they didn’t ask about a particular issue they disapprove. (3)

Paragraph eleven: American voters say 70 - 22 percent, including 51 - 37 percent among Republicans, that the Russian government tried to influence the 2016 presidential election in the U.S. (3) What is influence and did they define that to the respondent?

Paragraph twelve: Among all voters, 36 percent say the Russian interference changed the outcome of the election, while 28 percent say the Russian government tried but failed to change the outcome. (3)

Paragraph thirteen: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a fair investigation into possible links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, voters say 58 - 28 percent. (3)

Paragraph fourteen: This is a legitimate investigation, 53 percent of voters say, as 42 percent say it is a political witch-hunt. (3)

Paragraph fifteen: The Trump Administration should do more to protect the 2018 U.S. elections from Russian interference, 61 percent of voters say, while 28 percent say the Trump White House is doing enough. (3) Congress makes the laws and POTUS only signs the laws so why didn’t they ask if congress was doing enough?

Paragraph sixteen: In these 2018 elections, 48 percent of voters want the Democratic Party to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, as 38 percent want Republicans to control the House. Independent voters back Democrats 45 - 33 percent. (3)

Paragraph seventeen: Democrats should win control of the U.S. Senate, voters say 49 - 39 percent, including 46 - 35 percent among independent voters. (3)

The entire poll made at least 14 assertions about how “American voters” think, but did they really do that? Here is where I can prove ALL polls are nothing but Lies, because they openly admit that the poll they just spent days working on and hours writing up to make POTUS seem like the worst human being on the planet is FAKE.

Paragraph eighteen: “From March 3 - 5, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,122 voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points, including the design effect. Live interviewers call landlines and cell phones.” (3)

Think about this for a minute. They only surveyed 1,122 so-called voters. Using the 2016 stat for US registered voters which was 157,000,000 million they ‘surveyed’ only 1,122 voters out of all those millions of people! This pitiful amount of ’voters’ surveyed for this poll only amounted an insanely minute number of .000717% of the American voters. To put it another way there are 140,178 (one hundred forty thousand one hundred and seventy-eight TIMES more voters in the us than the number of people in questioned in THIS survey.

Furthermore, using the 2016 Presidential actual votes tabulated which is 128,824,246 votes on both sides. (4) The survey asked the equivalent if .000870% of actual voters. To put it another way there are 114,816 (one hundred fourteen thousand eight hundred and sixteen TIMES more people who ACTUALLY voted in 2016 than number of people in questioned in THIS survey.

So, I have proven without a doubt this polling org literally made the claim that President Trump is the worst President in the History of the world by asking the statistical equivalent of >>ZERO people<<. When you ask ZERO people a question it is literally impossible to get an answer a voter can be confident in. YOU ARE the Enemy of the people if you try to pass off a survey claiming to be the voice of the people when its is nothing but unicorn fairy tales!

As educated and informed voters we must not allow ANY political parties, media organizations, schools or other organizations to openly lie to the American people when they produce these FAKE polls. They can ask the loaded questions to get the responses they want, they can ask certain people to give the responses they want, and they can exclude those who don’t give them the responses they want.

When these biased organizations plainly reveal their polls don’t even use a relevant sample of voters to make their bogus claims it only enforces the fact that these “surveys” are illegitimate and FAKE, we should ignore them totally and use our own judgement which is usually better anyway!





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