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ALL FACTS MATTER Even Inconvenient Ones!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

An Ongoing Investigative Report by John M Jones III (7/2/19)

Nancy Pelosi or Nanpol has been in office for 32 yrs., only enacted 7 bills, made over $4.5 million dollars, and will get over $3.5 million over 20 yrs. in retirement even though she already has a net worth of over $100 million. In 2018, only 4 out of 10 voting age adults voted for her. In 2016 around 3 in 10 people were illegal aliens in her District. In 1987, there were over 8,000 homeless in San Francisco. In 2017, there was STILL over 8,000 or 205 homeless per sq. mile even though, that year the city paid $18 million to ‘solve’ the problem.

SF, the city in which encompasses Nanpol’s district, is totally broke. In 2017 they had $6.3 Billion in liabilities that they could not pay making them ranked 148 out of 150 of US cities in operating efficiency. In 2019, SF (a democrat run city) is projected to have 1,600 crimes per sq. mile of the city. From 2015 to 2019 there was a 250% increase in hate crimes. From 2011 to 2018 there was over 132,000 public human shittings on the streets of SF. Additionally, in 2017 there was over 79,000 including women & precious children who lived beneath the poverty line AND over 75% of blacks & low income latinos in sf public schools were NOT proficient in basic English or Math.

In Nanpol’s district the average person & household made $82k & $118K /yr. respectively, but it also cost over $3,600 to rent a tiny apartment and over $988K to buy a house. The cost of living for a 4-person family in SF was over $48k/yr. not including rent which can add up to more than $43k /yr. To put the FINAL nail in Nanpan’s coffin she makes over 270% more money obstructing the executive branch in congress 138 days/yr. and lying to America than the average person in her district who must work as much as 260 days/yr. to pay their bills.

This is an accurate accounting of the conditions of Nanpol’s district? Many people fail to realize that she wasn’t even elected by a majority of the voting age adults in her district. She has done NOTHING for them yet they she remains in office. Her home district is a sewage & garbage dump, yet she criticizes others for their policies. She should be stripped of her leadership position and thrown out of congress considering the horrible conditions in her district. Conditions that have persisted and continued over the last 32 years or her ENTIRE tenure in office!

The above and below statistics are important facts that justify the need for immediate term limits & the need to be an educated and informed voter. America needs term limits for ALL offices that includes offices as low as a elected dog catcher to congress people and yes even judges. Elected & appointed offices belong to the people, but for too long we have allowed corrupt swamp dwellers & activists judges to retain their offices when they should have been thrown out of office, given a tar & feather bath, and then put in jail.

Support Term Limits by voting for people who will enact them. Voting for people who say they will give you a free ride is just voting for people who want to maintain the swamp and keep the people from having their voices heard. Voting is a sacred right don’t waste it by voting for someone who panders to the lowest common denominator just to get votes! My America IS better than that and it’s NOT racist to say it!

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An Ongoing Investigative Report by John M Jones III (7/29/19)

An Ongoing Investigative Report by John M Jones III (7/23/19)

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> > >Source Data< < <

Who is Nancy Pelosi of California's 12th Congressional House District? (1)

She’s been in office in office since 1987 or 32 Years (2) and has introduced 104 or 3 bills per year. (3)

The bills she’s sponsored that were enacted were a TOTAL of 7 or 1 every 4.5 legislative years. (4)

Her US House Salary in 1987 was ~$154,784 (2014 Dollars) (5) and in 2019 is ~$223,500. (6)

While in office (1987-2019) she was paid an est. salary of $4,471,915 (not including perks). (5)

Since she only got 7 bills enacted she made an est. income of ~$638,845 per enacted bill. (7 / ~$4,471,915)

She will retire on up to 80% of her current salary which could be $178,800 or MORE per year for life. (6)

If she lives 20 years in retirement, she will be paid another $3,576,000 million + perks. (20 yrs. x $178,800)

Her Net Worth is estimated to be at least $120,000,000 Million. (8a)

- - - - - - -

Nancy Pelosi’s 12th District is entirely inside the city of San Francisco. (1)

The District Population is 774,736 of that about 658,525 people are of voting age. (9)

In 2018, Pelosi received a mere 275,292 votes to win. So, only 4 out of 10 voting age people voted for her. (9)

The homeless population, including many precious children & families, of the SF area was 8,250 in 1987 & ~8,000 in 2017 (10,11) which is a sorry 4% reduction change in 32 years. (8,000 / 8,250)

The homeless spread in the District is 205 homeless persons PER square mile. (8,000 homeless / 39 Sq. Miles)

The illegal alien population to legal population was 250,000 illegal aliens to 876,103 legal residents in 2016 (12, 13) so almost 3 in 10 people were illegal aliens. (250,000 / 876,103)

To Curb Homelessness SF spent in 2018 about $18,000,000 Million or $538,461 per square mile. (15) This amounted to a poultry $2,250 per YEAR per homeless person. (8,000 homeless / $18,000,000 Million)

- - - - - - -

Largest City in District: the 12th District is entirely inside the city of San Francisco, 49 Sq. Miles (1, 18)

The City’s Overall City Rating based on Operating efficiency 148th out of 150 US cities (2019). (15)

City Finances: In 2017, $7.9 Billion in Assets, $14.2 billion in Bills, $6.3 Billion short fall AKA THEY ARE BROKE, BROKE, AND MORE BROKE! (16)

The Overall City Crime Rate in 2016 was 53,957, and in 2019 is projected to be 62,293 incidents or ~1,400 & ~1,600 crimes per square mile respectively. (17,18)

SF had 33 hate crime offenses in 2015 and in 2018 they had 85 that’s a ~250% increase in just 4 years. (20,21)

Health Issues: In 2011 there were 5,500 and in 2018 there were over 28,000 reports of human crappings in the city for a grand total of over 130,000 incidents of humans dropping their pants and shitting on the sidewalk.

City Poverty Rate: 10.2% or 79,023 people including CHILDREN below poverty line (9)

- - - - - - -

During 2016-17 Sf public schools only 14% black students were found to be proficient in English, and 10% were found to be proficient in math. In the same period, only 22% low income latino students were found to be proficient in English, and 16% were found to be proficient in math. (22)

HS Graduation Rate: 85.5 (23) 2017-18

- - - - - - -

In 2018 the average individual in SF made $82,900 while the median household Income was $118,417. (9a)

As of 2019 the average apartment rent was $3,612 for a 789 sq. ft unit. (24)

To buy a single-family home cost upwards of $988,000 in 2019. (25)

The average price of gas was $3.91 in 2019. (26)

The cost of living for a 4-person family minus rent was $4,041.95 in 2019. (26)

In Congress Pelosi makes over 270% more than the average person in her district. (223,500 / 82,900)

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(9) (2017)



















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