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FB is Evil Incarnate and Should Censor Itself if Anyone!

A lesson in Reality by John M Jones III (5/16/19)

On May 7, 2019 , I posted this text & link to an essay I wrote to my fb: Liberals have long labeled nazis, kkk, white supremacists as right-wing hate groups to vilify the right as racist haters. Well, these hate groups belong to the democrats and I can prove it! I will no longer tolerate being disparaged by them or any other lying piece of garbage!

I posted to over 30 fb groups &* pages and received no fb jail for this post. Note even a blip on the screen.

On May 8, 2019 I posted the following text and link which contained a 'readers digest version' of the Essay I posted on May 7 about the "Right Wing Hate Group Hoax": There is no such thing a right wing hate group! They label nazis, kkk, white supremacist/ nationalists as right wing hate groups but its all a HOAX bigger than #FinePeopleHoax. These are LEFT hate groups not Right and it's time for EVERYONE to know!

After I posted the above text & link to over 30 groups & pages I received three of the following message from the "fb community standards enforcement team"

Followed by 3 of the following message:

I was banned from liking, posting, or commenting ANYWHERE on facebook for 7 days for my crime. What was the crime you say? Well, when you figure it out please tell me. I had a fb "friend" post the SAME text & link multiple times on HIS timeline and in HIS groups and he received NO fb jail. So it seems that fb community standards aren't even enforced consistently over its platform. What a Joke!

As a response to this injustice, I posted the following at the first opportunity once my illegally imposed censorship sentence was completed. It was my response to that video showing muslin children, at an islanic center, singing about beheading their 'enemies' (that's you and me btw. They claim they were only 'renting' the space to the muslin group that produced the video): Would the left & media give baptists or ANY other denomination a pass for "renting" space to the KKK or White Supremacists?? I think we all know the answer to that!!!!...45....!!!!!!

I wonder If I will get fb jail for THIS post share if you think I will or share it just to trigger a snowflake!!!....2020....!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my first post, I used the term "lying piece of garbage" and yet got NO fb jail. My second post which anyone can read was extremely tame comparatively to the first somehow triggered fb snowflake patrol. Then in the latest post, I tried to pick a controversial topic and used language I thought for sure would trigger a response, but alas no fb jail for me today, :-(

What does this experience tell me? I realize that fb and other social media has a "right" to regulate content on their platform, but when its done to cover up an inconvenient truth or when its done soley to suppress political or other free thought or because they FEEL that the content isn't main stream enough it should be illegal for them to censure their users. Censorship if done should be objective, completely transparent, and enforced upon EVERYONE equally and for the same reasons.

Censorship like government by mob rule doesn't work! We live in a world with 7 billion people with 7 billion opinions about how things should work. We cannot allow ONE person, like mark zukerburg or ANY social media CEO, to decide what the other 7 billion people on Earth should be able to see, read, hear, think or DO, Period!

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