Elijah Cummings: ALL FACTS MATTER Including Inconvenient Ones!

An Ongoing Investigative Report by John M Jones III (7/29/19)

Elijah Cummings has been in office for 33 yrs., and has only enacted 19 bills, made over $3.72 million dollars, and will get over $2.78 million over 20 yrs. in retirement even though he already has a net worth of over $1.3 million. In 2016, only about 4 out of 10 voting age adult baltimorean’s voted for him. In 2016 there were at least 247,000 illegal aliens in Maryland. In baltmore homelessness increased by 36% from 2003 to 2011. There was at least 4,088 homeless which includes so many precious children in 2011. Using 2011 numbers Baltimore spent $8,317 per homeless per person in 2017

Cummings represents Maryland's 7th congressional district which encompasses just over half of Baltimore City which is also ranked 129th out of 150 in operating efficiency. In 2013, Baltimore's annual operating budget was $2.2 billion, and averages $220 Million budget deficit EVERY YEAR. Baltimore’s avged 300 murders per year 2007-2019. In 2016 there was 1,800 crimes per sq. mile of Baltimore. In 2017, 398 “hate crimes” were reported to law enforcement in Maryland, a 34.9 percent increase, from 2016. Of the incidents reported in 2017, 183 were verified, 208 were found to be inconclusive, and 7 were determined to be unfounded” so 54% of hate crimes couldn’t be verified! 22.4% or 160,867 including the precious little children live in poverty in Baltimore!

In 2017 most 4th & 8th graders in public schools FAILED the proficiency tests in math & reading and 33% black students were found not to be proficient in math, and 9 out of 10 Black male students are not reading at their grade level. Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 19 had zero or 1% of students proficient in math. Only 72.2 percent graduated high school or about 7 out of 10 students in 2018.

In Cummings state the average person & household made $39k & $97,982K /yr. respectively. The cost of living for a family of four in 2019 was $40,044 not including rent od 20K per year. The average apartment rental was over $1,624 and over $250K to buy a house. To put the FINAL nail in Cummings coffin he makes 450% more money enriching himself & failing to conduct the peoples’ business in congress 138 days/yr. while the average American in his state must work as much as 260 days/yr. to pay their bills.

The above and below statistics are important facts that justify the need for immediate term limits & the need to be an educated and informed voter. America needs term limits for ALL offices that includes offices as low as a elected dog catcher to congress people and yes even judges. Elected & appointed offices belong to the people, but for too long we have allowed corrupt swamp dwellers & activists judges to retain their offices when they should have been thrown out of office, given a tar & feather bath, and then put in jail. .

Support Term Limits by voting for people who will enact them. Voting for people who say they will give you a free ride is just voting for people who want to maintain the swamp and keep the people from having their voices heard. Voting is a sacred right don’t waste it by voting for someone who panders to the lowest common denominator just to get votes! My America IS better than that and it’s NOT racist to say it!

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An Ongoing Investigative Report by John M Jones III (7/23/19)


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> > >Source Data< < <

Who is Elijah Cummings (E.C), H.O.R. & Chair of the "Oversight Committee" (1)

He’s been in office in office since 1996 or 33 years (1) and has introduced 155 or ~5 bills per year. (2)

The bills he’s sponsored that were enacted were a TOTAL of 19 or under 2 bills every 1 legislative year. (2)

His US House Salary in 1996 was $133,600 (3) and in 2019 is $174,000. (3)

While in office (1996-2019) he was paid an est. salary of $3,728,900 (not including perks). (3)

Since he only got 19 bills enacted he made an est. income of ~$196,257 per enacted bill. ( 19 / ~$3,728,900 )

He will retire on up to 80% of his current salary which could be $139,200 or MORE per year for life. ( .80 / $174,000 )

If he lives 20 years in retirement, he will be paid another $2,784,000 million + perks. ( 20 yrs. x $139,200 )

His Net Worth is estimated to be at least $1,300,000 Million in 2019. (4)

E.C.’s District is Maryland's 7th congressional district, It encompasses just over half of Baltimore City, (6, 6a)

The District Population is 718,158 of that about 564,731 people are of voting age. (5)

In 2016, e.c received only 238,838 votes to win. So, just over 4.2 out of 10 voting age people voted for him. (7)

The homeless population, including many precious children & families, of baltimore was at least 2,600 in 2003 & 4088 in 2011 (8) which is a sorry 36% increase change in 8 years. ( 4,088-2,600 / 4,088 )

The homeless spread in the District is 44 homeless persons PER square mile. ( 4,088 homeless / 92 Sq. Miles)

The population of illegal aliens in Maryland was 247,000 illegal aliens in 2016. (9)

In 2017 To Curb Homelessness the mayor proposed spending about $350 Million or $3,804,347 per square mile. (10) This amounted to a poultry dizzying $85,616 per YEAR per homeless person at 2011 levels. ( $350,000,000 Million / 4088 homeless)

They received $24 million if federal money and spend another 10 million in 2017 to curb the homelessness problem in baltimore. (10a)

The city of Baltimore is ~92 Sq. Miles (6a)

The City’s Overall City Rating based on Operating efficiency 129th out of 150 US cities (2019). (11)

City Finances: In 2013, Baltimore's annual operating budget was $2.2 billion, and averages $220 Million budget deficit EVERY YEAR. (12)

Baltimore’s murder Rate from 2007-2019 average almost 300 per year, or 3.2 murders per square mile per year. (14)

The Overall City Crime in 1996 was 307,461 crimes (47,230 violent, 260,231 property), in 2016 was 165,845 crimes (28,400 violent, 137,445 property) or 3,341 & 1802 crimes per square mile respectively. (15)

“In 2017, 398 hate/bias incidents were reported to law enforcement in Maryland, an increase of 103 reported incidents (34.9 percent increase) from 2016. Of the 398 incidents reported in 2017, 183 were verified, 208 were found to be inconclusive, and 7 were determined to be unfounded” (16)

Environment: “The Maryland Department of Agriculture today enacted a quarantine, effective immediately, that makes it illegal for anyone to move any walnut material and hardwood firewood out of a 185 square mile area that covers Baltimore City and parts of Baltimore County.” (17)

City Poverty Rate: 22.4% or 160,867 people including CHILDREN below poverty line (18)

In 2017 both 4th & 8th graders in public schools FAILED the proficiency tests in math & reading. (19)

33% black students were found not to be proficient in math, and 9 out of 10 Black male students are not reading at their grade level. (20)

Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 19 had zero or 1% of students proficient in math. (20)

HS Graduation Rate: 72.2 percent graduated in four years or about 7 out of 10 students (21)

In 2017 an individual earner averaged $39,217 while the median household Income was $97,982. (18a)

In 2011 the avg 2 bed apt rent was $1,143. In April ‘19 the avg 2 bed apt rent was $1,624 a 30% increase. (22)

To buy a single-family home cost upwards of $249,450 in 2019. (23)

The average price of gas was $2.73 in 2019. (24)

The cost of living for a 4-person family minus rent was $3,337 per month in 2019. (24)

In Congress E.C. makes almost 450% more than the average person in his district.

( $174,000 / $39,217 ) - - - - - - - - -

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