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If You Releases an Inmate Because of Covid-19 then YOU are a Traitor!

An AVM Investigative Report By John M. Jones III (4/15/20)

We are a country with laws and consequences to those laws. Covid-19 does not give any special rights to those who have convicted of a crime or have been ordered to report to jail. However, a great number socialist and communists who have infiltrated the democrat party and our local governments seem to think that its jail should be optional. (1) Well, I am here to say that it is NOT! These communists many of whom disguise themselves under the label of progressives have wanted and now have released a large number of “non-violent or “low-level” criminals because of covid-19.

These under cover and Treacherous communists justify their actions by saying that these prison populations are at risk but fail to understand a basic concept about crime and criminals. JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT CAUGHT AND CONVICTED OF A NON-VIOLENT CRIME DOESN’T MAKE YOU A NON-VIOLENT PERSON. This was proven tragically over 25 days ago in Hillsborough County FL. The Hillsborough County Sherriff released a “non-violent felon“ offender who was arrested for committing a crime to “help prevent the spread of covid-19” in the jail and within 24 hours this same ‘non-violent felon” committed murder. MURDER! (2)

Why is it that a criminal’s and a felon’s health is more important the lives of the people in Hillsborough County, FL. The HCSO is now complicit in this MURDER in addition the Hillsborough County Commission has BLOOD on THEIR HANDS for this MURDER if they approved of this practice. MY safety and the safety of county residents takes precedence over convicts and even those who have been arrest for ANY crime.

Jails make the public safe because it takes criminals off the streets. There is NO reason to justify releasing criminals just because they might get sick. Maybe if they didn’t commit a crime, get caught, get convicted they wouldn’t have to worry about it. However, since they DID commit a crime, DID get caught, did get convicted, they have no rights to be released which puts the PUBLIC, ME and MY FAMILY in danger. It is up to the cities, counties, states and fed governments to treat them in jail while they are in jail. Why didn’t the jails release inmates during SARS, during Ebola, during Swine Flu, and others. HINT THEY DIDN’T!

As a resident of Hillsborough County, FL. I will NOT tolerate this. The people must stand up and not let the elected county officials including the Sherriff to get away with MURDER! At the earliest possible time I will be introducing a Hillsborough County, FL citizen charter amendment called ‘NO PANDEMIC CONVICT RELEASE’ OR ‘NPCR’ This charter amendment will forbid the early release of any person who has been a convicted of ANY crime due to a “pandemic” (unless they are otherwise eligible, no special treatment) It will forbid the preemptive release of anyone arrested of ANY crime from the jail just to “help prevent the spread of a pandemic in the jail’ (unless they can be released under normal criminals judicial procedures, no special treatment) It will also mandate that all persons who are required to report to jail to begin their sentence must report as schedule (no special treatment).

This letter is to give notice to the Hillsborough County Sheriff and the Hillsborough County Commission and even the City of Tampa, that this policy is a threat to the safety of the citizens of this county and it is A heinous CRIME. I am calling for an investigation into who was responsible for the release of Joseph Williams at every level. As a county resident I hereby declare that until this crime has been addressed AND regressed (someone put in jail) by HCSO, that the HCSO and the County (if they allowed it) have lost their own authority to enforce the laws of Hillsborough County and the Laws of the United States of America. I am further declaring them ALL to be renegades and in violation of the Constitution of the United States by putting convicted criminals and criminals who are in the process of being convicted ahead of the people THEY are supposed to serve and Protect. You are ALL responsible for a MURDER Stop NOW before someone else is Killed! I will hold you all accountable!

More insane examples of our own Government putting convicted criminals head of tax paying non criminals American Citizens. It’s truly a sickening sight!

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