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Three Hoaxes, Two False Accusations, and Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

An Personal Essay by John M Jones III (3/18/19)

According, to the extremely left leaning & biased website axios many democrats think republicans are racists, bigots, sexists, ignorant, spiteful and evil. Some others say: (1) One of the first muslins in the US congress says there is, “Objective evidence' Trump sympathetic to white supremacy” (2) Jim acosta a cnn hack says, “Deep Down This President May Just Be A Racist" (3) The one big problem with these asinine statements made by these political geniuses is that there is no proof, NONE. Liberals, media dopeheads, and snoflakes alike have forgotten that just because you say it doesn’t make it true. You also need something we the rest of the world calls FACTS!

For instance, the FAKE NEWS media and corrupt liberal politicians have been maliciously spreading a lie that conservatives, republicans and trump supporters are committing hate crimes upon the minorities and muslins in America. The one problem is there is absolutely no facts to support this claim. The FACT is that it's the liberals who are committing hate crimes upon whites, conservatives, republicans and trump supporters and to make it even worse they are even attacking women, blacks, and other minorities whom they claim to champion! To prove this, I have provided a detailed list of these democrat fake hoaxes perpetrated upon whites, conservatives, republicans and trump supporters. (see below)

So, some democrat says there is ‘objective’ evidence that President Trump is supports white supremacy. Well, how about the 250-300 examples, below, of actual hate crimes of actual liberals attacking Americans because of their support of a politician, and their support for the rule of law in the USA. If you are not disgusted, you will be after reading this extremely long list of attacks!

So, why is it that we hear so much about the fake hoaxes but never about the REAL attacks upon Americans? It’s because the politicians and their media criminal cohorts are trying to pass off their lies as the truth. Educated & informed voters must never allow dirty politicians and the yellow-bellied media to manipulate the public with their deceitfulness. We must vote out these slimy politicians and chose not to support, IN ANY WAY, those media outlets that blatantly invent stories to support democrat talking points or criminalize political free thought!

You can start making these slime balls accountable by reading and sending your politicians the “All Voters Matter Voter Pledge” and by following the “AVM Voter Code of Conduct” We CAN take our country back but first we must rid ourselves of these leeches that have latched on to the government teat and who are attempting to destroy our country and who make millions off the backs of John & Jane Q public taxpayer who trade millions of dollars in exchange fore votes and who put the rights of illegal aliens above the citizens of d States of America!

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FAKE HATE CRIME HOAXES: In Lunenburg, Mass., in 2013, police said the mother of a biracial teenager who was a member of the football team spray painted a racial slur on the side of their home, prompting vigils and a suspension of the football program. (4)

FAKE LBGT HATE CRIME: Shameless lesbian couple burned down their own house for the insurance payout then called it a hate crime and blamed their neighbor (5)

ANTI-MUSLIM HATE CRIME IN MICHIGAN TURNS OUT TO BE A HOAX (NOV. 2016): A Muslim woman at the University of Michigan received national attention from national outlets like The Washington Post in November 2016 after she claimed a drunk 20-something man threatened to light her on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab. The university condemned the “hateful attack,” which turned out to be a hoax. (6)

BISEXUAL STUDENT FAKES TRUMP-INSPIRED HATE CRIME (NOV. 2016): Taylor Volk, an openly bisexual senior at North Park University claimed to be the target of hateful notes and emails following Trump’s election in November 2016. Volk told NBC News that “I just want them to stop.” But the “them” referenced by Volk turned out to be herself, as the whole thing was fabricated. (6)

GAS STATION RACISM GOES VIRAL — THEN POLICE DEBUNK IT (NOV. 2016): Philadelphia woman Ashley Boyer claimed in November 2016 that she was harassed at a gas station by white, Trump-supporting males, one of whom pulled a weapon on her. Boyer claimed that the men “proceeded to talk about the election and how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n—–s much longer.” Boyer deleted her post after it went viral and claimed the men had been caught and were facing criminal charges. Local police debunked her account. (6)

WHITE MEN ROB MUSLIM WOMAN OF HER HIJAB AND WALLET — EXCEPT IT NEVER HAPPENED (NOV. 2016): An 18-year-old Muslim woman in Louisiana claimed in November 2016 that two white men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked and robbed her, taking her wallet and hijab while yelling racial slurs. She later admitted to the Lafayette Police Department that she made the whole thing up. (6)

CHURCH ORGANIST VANDALIZES OWN CHURCH (NOV. 2016): A church organist was arrested in May 2017 after he was found responsible for spray-painting a swastika, an anti-gay slur and the words “Heil Trump” on his own church in November 2016. When the story first broke, media outlets tied the hoax to Trump’s election. “The offensive graffiti at St. David’s is among numerous incidents that have occurred in the wake of Trump’s Election Day win,” The Washington Post reported at the time. (6)

“DRUNK WHITE MEN” ATTACK MUSLIM WOMAN IN STORY THAT ALSO NEVER HAPPENED (DEC. 2016): Another 18-year-old Muslim woman, this time in New York, was the subject of breathless headlines in December 2016 after she claimed to have been attacked by a group of Donald Trump supporters on a New York subway while onlookers did nothing. The woman, Yasmin Seweid, would go on to confess that she made the whole thing up. (6)

WHITE GUY SETS HIS OWN CAR ON FIRE, PAINTS RACIAL SLUR ON HIS OWN GARAGE (DEC. 2016): Denton, Texas, resident David Williams set his own car on fire and painted “n***** lovers” on his home’s garage, in an apparent attempt to stage a hate crime. Local police investigated the arson as a hate crime. Williams and his wife, Jenny, collected more than $5,000 from Good Samaritans via a GoFundMe page before the hoax was exposed. (6)

PRANKSTER TRICKS LIBERAL JOURNALIST INTO SPREADING ANTI-TRUMP HOAX (DEC. 2016): As tales of Trump-inspired “hate crimes” were spread far and wide by liberal journalists after Trump’s election, one online prankster decided to test just easy it was to fool journalists. The prankster sent writer Sarah Harvard a fictitious story in which a Native American claimed to have been harassed by an alleged Trump supporter who thought she was Mexican. Despite no evidence backing up the claim, Harvard spread the fake story, emails the prankster shared with The Daily Caller showed. (6)

STUDENT WRITES ANTI-MUSLIM GRAFFITI ON HIS OWN DOOR (FEB. 2017): A Muslim student at Beloit College wrote anti-Muslim graffiti on his own dorm room door. The student was reportedly motivated by a desire to seek attention after a Jewish student was targeted with an anti-Semitic note. (6)

ISRAELI MAN BEHIND ANTI-SEMITIC BOMB THREATS IN THE U.S. (APRIL 2017): Media outlets didn’t wait to find out who was behind a string of bomb threats targeting synagogues and Jewish schools before linking the threats to Trump. A U.S.-Israeli man was charged in April 2017 and indicted in February 2018 for the threats. A former reporter for The Intercept was also charged in March 2017 with making several copycat threats. (6)

HOAX AT ST. OLAF (MAY 2017): Students at St. Olaf college in Minnesota staged protests and boycotted classes in May 2017 after racist notes targeting black students were found around campus, earning coverage in national media outlets like The Washington Post. It later came out that a black student was responsible for the racist notes. The student carried out the hoax in order to “draw attention to concerns about the campus climate,” the university announced. (6)

FAKE HATE AT AIR FORCE ACADEMY GOES VIRAL (SEPT. 2017): The Air Force Academy was thrown into turmoil in September 2017 when horrific racist notes were found at the academy’s preparatory school. “Go home n***er,” read one of the notes. The superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria, went viral with an impassioned speech addressing the racist notes. Two months later, authorities determined that one of the students targeted by the notes was also the person responsible for writing them. (6)

K-STATE FAKE HATE CRIME (NOV. 2017): A student at Kansas State University filed a police report in November 2017 over racist graffiti left on his car. “Go Home N***** Boy” and “Whites Only,” read the racist graffiti, which the the student later admitted to writing himself. (6)

RACIST GRAFFITI CARRIED OUT BY NON-WHITE STUDENT (NOV. 2017): Another instance of racist graffiti that same month also turned out to be a hoax. A Missouri high school investigated after racial slurs were left on a bathroom mirror in November 2017, only to find that the student responsible was “non-white.” (6)

WAITER FAKES NOTE CALLING HIMSELF A TERRORIST (JULY 2018): Texas waiter Khalil Cavil went viral after posting a Facebook picture of a racist note that he claimed a customer had left on the receipt, in lieu of a tip. The note described Cavil as a “terrorist.” Saltgrass Steak House, where Cavil worked, initially banned the customers for life, before their investigation revealed that the waiter had faked the racist note. “I did write it,” Cavil later admitted. “I don’t have an explanation. I made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did.” (6)

WAITRESS FAKES RACIST NOTE, BLAMES LAW ENFORCEMENT (JULY 2018): A Texas waitress apologized in July 2018 after blaming local law enforcement for an offensive note targeting Mexicans. She later admitted to writing the note herself. (6)

NEW YORK WOMAN’S HATE CRIME THAT WASN’T (SEPT. 2018): A New York woman was charged in September 2018 after police determined she fabricated a story about white teens yelling racial slurs at her and leaving a racist note on her car. (6)

STUDENT FAKED RACIST NOTES (DEC. 2018): Several racist notes at Drake University were actually the work of one of the students who had been targeted by them. “The fact that the actions of the student who has admitted guilt were propelled by motives other than hate does not minimize the worry and emotional harm they caused, but should temper fears,” university president Marty Martin said afterwards. (6)

THE COVINGTON CATASTROPHE (JAN. 2019): National media outlets pounced on a selectively edited video from the March for Life that showed Native American activist Nathan Phillips beating a drum in front of a boisterous group of boys from Covington Catholic High School. (6)

BONUS: ANTI-SEMITIC VANDAL EXPOSED AS DEMOCRATIC ACTIVIST (NOV. 2018): Anti-Semitic vandalism in New York City turned out to be the work of a Democratic activist, according to police. It wasn’t a hoax — the anti-Semitic vandalism was real — but the suspect wasn’t the right-winger some had assumed him to be. The man police arrested, based on surveillance footage, was 26-year-old James Polite, who had actually interned for City Hall on anti-hate issues. (6)

BONUS II: TRUMP-INSPIRED RACIST BLAZE AT BLACK CHURCH WAS CARRIED OUT BY BLACK CHURCH-GOER (NOV. 2016): This hoax occurred one week before Trump was elected, but The DCNF is including it as a bonus because it was so egregious. Leftist media outlets ran headlines like “A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump” after a black church in Greenville, Mississippi, was set on fire and spray painted with the words “Vote Trump.” The Washington Post’s original coverage of the incident read in part,” Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons called the fire a ‘hateful and cowardly act,’ sparked by the incendiary rhetoric of GOP nominee Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.” But the church was set on fire by one of the church’s own congregants, who is black. (6)

JESSE SMOLLET, an actor in the show “Empire” who’s black and gay, told police two white men shouting racial and homophobic slurs put a noose around his neck, poured chemicals on him and told him, “This is MAGA country.” Police now suspect Smollett set the alleged attack up himself, paying two Nigerian men he knew to carry out the attack, according to reports. (7)

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Incidents of Hate Against Trump Supporters

2019.03.12 – AZ: Woman admitted to slashing tire over MAGA hat seen inside SUV

2019.02.26 – OK: Trump Supporting High School Student Cornered, Harassed, had Hat Knocked Off and Flag Stolen

2019.02.25 – NJ: 81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat at a supermarket

2019.02.21 – MA: Woman Attacked Trump Supporter for wearing a MAGA Hat at a Restaurant

2019.02.21 – CA: While recruiting for a conservative group at UC Berkeley a leftist thug comes & assaults activist, punching him in the face & hitting him repeatedly

2019.02.17 – KY: A Tennessee Man Was Arrested And Charged After He Pulled A Gun On A Man Who Was Wearing A Make America Great Again Hat Inside Sam’s Club

2019.02.12 – NY: Conservative students at SUNY-Oswego receive death threats for set up a table with signs promoting President Donald Trump’s southern border wall

2019.02.08 – MD: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway revealed that a woman has been charged for grabbing and shaking her while Conway was eating out with her teenage daughter in Bethesda, Maryland.

2019.01.19 – D.C.: Pro-Trump Journalist Owen Shroyer presses charges against a woman who grabbed his genitals on camera during the 2019 Woman’s March in Washington D.C.

2019.01.18 – D.C.: Tens of Thousands of Threats Including Death Threats Were Made Against The Covington Catholic School Students

2018.11.13 – AZ: Man wearing MAGA hat assaulted while walking downtown Tucson

2018.11.05 – OH: Building targeted in bomb threat cleared ahead of visit from President Trump

2018.11.03 – FL: Gillum (D-FL) intern arrested in Florida for throwing chocolate milk at College Republicans

2018.10.31 – MI: Traverse City GOP office evacuated for bomb threat

2018.10.31 – MI: Grown Woman Threatens Violence Against 11-Year-Old over Trump Halloween Costume

2018.10.29 – FL: Shots Fired into South Daytona Republican Party Office

2018.10.25 – IA: Johnson County Iowa Republicans Headquarters vandalized

2018.10.24 – N.J. GOP Congressional Candidate Receives Letter Threatening His Children

2018.01.23 – CA: Boulder thrown through Republican Kevin McCarthy’s office window

2018.10.19 – NY: New York Man Charged With Threatening Two Republican Senators Over Kavanaugh Support

2018.10.17 – NV: Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for ‘battery’ against Nevada GOP candidate’s campaign manager

2018.10.17 – TN: Restaurant owner’s life threatened for renting space to GOP’s Marsha Blackburn

2018.10.16 – NM: Comedian George Lopez Charged With Battery … After Trump Joke Triggers Fight

2018.10.15 – MN: Republican State Representative Sarah Anderson confronted a man for kicking her campaign sign when he charged at her

2018.10.15 – MN: Republican candidate for Minnesota House seat suffered a concussion after a man punched him in the face at a Benton County restaurant

2018.10.12 – NY: Vandals Smash Windows, Deface Doors of Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan

2018.10.12 – AZ: A Republican campaign office was reportedly vandalized in Mesa, Arizona

2018.10.10 – CT: Stanford College Republicans President John David Rice-Cameron Assaulted at Pro-Kavanaugh Event

2018.10.10 – WA: A truck with ‘Trump 2020’ bumper stickers was set on fire

2018.10.07 – CO: Republican Sen. Gardner claims wife received a beheading video through text message

2018.10.06 – IL: Republican headquarters in Rockford vandalized with word ‘rape’ because of Kavanaugh hearings

2018.10.02 – D.C.: GOP Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) assaulted by protesters

2018.09.11 – CA: Man Tries To Stab California GOP Candidate For Supporting Trump

2018.09.06 – WY: Wyoming GOP office set on fire in apparent arson

2018.08.29 – NC: Gay #BlackForTrump Supporter, wearing a #TeamTrump shirt & a MAGA hat, was sucker punched at the local club

2018.08.28 – CA: Student Arrested and Charged for Stealing Another Students MAGA Hat and Smacking Teacher

2018.08.19 – Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Dude’s MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks. And She Does It!

2018.08.14 – CA: Punk Rock Frontman Jumps Off Stage, Attacks Trump Supporter In Middle Of Concert…

2018.08.06 – FL: Vandals throw dead fish on Lee Co. Republican headquarters

2018.08.04 – PA: Man parks his car with Trump sticks in Philadelphia. When he returns he find all 4 tires slashed and serious dents all over.

2018.08.01 – MA: Woman enraged by Trump bumper sticker intentionally rammed into car, police say

2018.07.26 – KY: Fayette County GOP headquarters vandalized

2018.07.26 – CA: Trump Supporters Attacked At Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star

2018.07.22 – MA: Republican opponent of Elizabeth Warren, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, was Attacked by Elizabeth Warren supporter

2018.07.18 – CA: Leftist Mob Hurls Feces At Pro-Trump Kosher Coffee Shop

2018.07.18 – WA: Leftist Assaults Teen Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat

2018.07.13 – UK: In London, pro-Trump counter-protesters hit with abuse, some violence

2018.07.13 – CA: 76-year-old Man Assaulted by Anti-Trump Thug, 36-year-old Attorney Benjamin Siminou, in San Diego

2018.07.09 – VA: Longtime Hillary Clinton aide publishes contact information about bookstore owner who stopped the harassment of Steve Bannon in order to harassed the bookstore owner

2018.07.06 – IL: Brick Thrown Through Front Door Of Wheeling Township Republican Headquarters

2018.07.06 – NY: Man threatened to kill supporters of Trump, GOP congressman outside campaign office, police say

2018.07.04 – FL: Homeowner says he was attacked over President Trump flag in yard

2018.07.04 – TX: 16 Year Old Teen Attacked for Wearing ‘Make American Great Again’ Hat

2018.07.03 – NE: GOP office windows smashed, ‘ABOLISH ICE’ spray-painted on sidewalk

2018.06.25 – D.C.: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch

2018.06.16 – CA: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco

2018.06.16 – CA: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco

2018.05.23 – MN: Water & Profanities Thrown At Fox News Contributor Tomi Lahren In Minneapolis

2018.05.13 – FL: Cheesecake Factory Employees Attack Black Man For Wearing MAGA Hat

2018.04.14 – NY: Danish tourist mugged at knifepoint over MAGA hat

2018.04.05 – FL: Trump Supporter Punched While Waving Trump Signs in Public

2018.04.04 – Texas: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities over teen wearing Trump shirt

2018.04.04 – TX: Law enforcement filed a disorderly conduct charge against Councilwoman for yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt

2018.04.03 – D.C.: Trump supporter ‘brutally attacked’ in D.C. restaurant

2018.04.02 – D.C.: Woman says she was attacked by 2 women after telling them she was Trump supporter

2018.03.18 – CA: Trump Supporters Peacefully Protest Anti-Police Coffee Shop and Get Attacked

2018.03.16 – D.C.: Capitol Police Arrested Male Dem Operative For Assaulting Female Trump Admin Official

2018.03.15 – MN: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout

2018.02.27 – NY: Trump Supporter Threatened With Knife For Not Opposing Trump

2018.02.07 – NY: Suspect in ‘white powder’ letter to Trump Jr. donated to Dems, posted anti-Trump rants on Facebook

2018.02.06 – NY: Anti-Trumper Pulls Knife on Man Who Doesn’t Hate Trump [Media tries to claim it was a Trump supporter]

2018.01.20 – NY: Protester Charged in Serious Attack on Trump Supporter at a NYC Mike Cernovich Event, Also Tried to Put Cop in Headlock

2017.12.14 – NY: Woman accused of supporting Trump gets robbed, groceries thrown at her in Bronx deli

2017.12.07 – NY: Students wearing MAGA hats booted from ‘safe space’ coffee shop

2017.12.02 – MA: Antifa attacks Trump supporter outside of a Harvard Book Store

2017.12.02 – MA: Trump Supporters truck and home vandalized for the second time

2017.11.27 – TX: Man Who is Not a Trump Supporter Attacked For Being a Trump Supporter

2017.11.20 – IL: University of Illinois PhD student/instructor assaults conservative students at Anti-Trump rally

2017.11.12 – Blaire White assaulted in Hollywood for wearing a Trump hat

2017.11.03 – KY: Anti-Trump Democrat Charged with Assaulting Senator Rand Paul at His Home

2017.10.09 – CA: Trans Pro-Trump Student Assaulted By Anti-Trump Activists at Travel Ban Protest

2017.09.28 – CA: Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim Be Punished

2017.09.17 – An American woman decided to threw a glass at another american in a Danish Bar in the city of Aarhus. She didn’t like that he was wearing a MAGA cap.

2017.09.07 – NY: Hunter College professor wishes death upon Trump supporters in Florida

2017.09.07 – WA: Roosevelt High School Republican Club Co-President was Physically Assaulted in the Gym Because of His Support for Trump

2017.08.28 – CA: Vandals In SF Place Trump “MAGA” Bumper Sticker on Car and then Spray Painted it “KKK” and Slash the Tires

2017.08.27 – CA: Berkeley Antifa Terrorism

2017.08.26 – KY: Republican headquarters in Fayette County, Kentucky were vandalized with “Die Nazi” and “Nazi Scum” sprayed onto their windows

2017.08.24 – Black Trump Supporter Spit On For Being a Black Man Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

2017.08.23 – CA: Antifa Richard Losey Arrested for Sucker Punching Trump supporter after Laguna Beach Rally

2017.08.22 – AZ:Trump Supporter Punched By Protesters While Fleeing Arizona Rally

2017.08.17 – NH: ‘Nazis’ spray painted on New Hampshire GOP headquarters

2017.08.14 – VA: Conservative Student Attacked For Wearing YAF Hat At Vigil For Charlottesville

2017.07.07 – Student Brutally Threatened by Left-Wing Teammates for Being Republican and Supporting Trump

2017.07.06 – NY: Conservative activist Jovi Val attacked by liberal @ NYC bar after Milo’s party. Beer bottle was smashed on his face for wearing a MAGA hat

2017.07.02 – PA: Philadelphia Antifa Attack Trump Supporter Carrying “Trump 2020” Sign with a Bottle

2017.06.15 – VA: Republican Congressional Baseball Shooter was Big Bernie Supporter and even Volunteered for the Campaign

2017.06.15 – IN: Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465

2017.06.10 – WA: Trump supporter beaten with ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign

2017.06.07 – WA: Woman Brutally Beaten for Simply Admitting to Being Trump Supporter

2017.06.04 – OR: Mayor Demands Police Chief Explain Use of Crowd Control When Anti-Trump Thugs Threw Urine and Feces Filled Balloons, Balloons with Unknown Chemicals, Marbles, Bricks, and Rocks at Trump Supporters. Mayor Preferred Police Use No Crowd Control Devices At All.

2017.05.19 – CT: Man arrested on 103 counts of vandalism at UConn, many anti-Trump

2017.04.23 – DC: Antifa Gets arrested in 15 Seconds after Assaulting Trump Supporter

2017.04.15 – CA: Berkeley Free Speech Rally Attacked By Antifa (Anti-First Amendment) Comrades with Rocks, M-80’s, and Bike Locks

2017.04.14 – MD: 2 Arrested For Burning Trump Sign. Police: “Trump sign burned for ‘race and religious’ beliefs”

2017.04.14 – D.C.: Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Being Bullied For Singing At Trump’s Inauguration

2017.04.09 -2017.04.07 – CA: Cal State Professor: ‘Trump Must Hang,’ Republicans Should Be Executed For Each Immigrant Deported

2017.04.02 – WA: Antifa Clash with Trump Supporters at Pro-Rally

2017.03.25 – CA: Pro-Trump March Pepper-Sprayed & Attacked By Protester

2017.03.19 – CA: Violent Kids Hit Trump Supporter in the Face with a Skateboard. Says “I Can Do What I Want”.

2017.03.16 – CA: ‘M_rder Trump ASAP’ Graffiti Found on Freeway Wall

2017.03.15 – MI: U of M Student Detained After Pulling Trump Supporters’ Flag Off His Trailer

2017.03.15 – CA: Pro-Trump Radio Host Michael Savage Attacked. ‘It Is Clearly Open Season on Prominent Trump Supporters’

2017.03.14 – MA: In Newton, Young Trump Supporters Are Online Targets

2017.03.12 – MN: Conservative Students Say They Have Been ‘Violently Threatened’ at St. Olaf College

2017.03.11 – ‘Dreamgirls’ Jennifer Holliday Canceled Trump Inauguration Because of Death Threats

2017.03.08 – FL: Man Punched In Face Claims Trump Bumper Sticker Motivated Road Rage Attack

2017.03.06 – CA: Berkeley Student Arrested After Destroying College Republican Signs

2017.03.05 – FL: Supporter of House Republican Ted Yoho was punched in the face by Anti-Trump protestor

2017.03.04 – MN: March 4 Trump Protesters Used Tasers, Pepper Spray, Smoke Bombs, & Were Swinging Fists!

2017.03.04 – CA: March 4 Trump Berkeley Rally Protestor Thugs Acting Like Thugs And Bring Violence To A Peaceful Trump Rally

2017.03.04 – TN: At Pro-Trump rally, Protester arrested after stealing President Trump shirts

2017.03.04 – Opera star Andrea Bocelli backs out of singing at Trump’s inauguration after receiving death threats

2017.03.04 – TN: ‘Dead Trump supporter’ comment prompts school district to ban substitute teacher

2017.03.03 – CA: Berkeley condemns ‘disturbing’ attacks on College Republicans

2017.03.01 – OR: Trump Supporters Car Is Vandalized With Paint And Dents From Rocks Because of Bumper Sticker

2017.02.27 – TN: Former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder withdraws nomination after opposition groups threatened his family by sending white powder to his wife

2017.02.26 – NY: Glenn Nocera, Who Ran For Brooklyn Borough President and is a Trump Supporter, Had His House Egged Three Times

2017.02.25 – CA: Protester Assaults Female Trump Supporter at Boycott of Oscars

2017.02.25 – OH: Anti-Trump Mob Viciously Attacks Man Outside Bar

2017.02.17 – NC: UNC Flyers Incite Violence Against Trump Supporters

2017.02.16 – MO: Kansas City Man with AR-15 Taunts Trump supporter over Trump Flag and Rips It Down

2017.02.15 – CO: Trump supporter’s historic Denver home has their window shot at with a BB gun and left hateful messages.

2017.02.13 – MS: Hate crime hoax perpetrated on Trump supporting radio host.

2017.02.09 – CA: Man Grabs Trump Supporter and Police Immediately Arrest Attacker

2017.02.09 – CA: Berkeley Thugs (Including Teacher Yvette Felarca) Beating Up Trump Supporter In Front of the Police

2017.02.08 – NY: Black Lives Matter Activist Threatens to Smash Girl’s Laptop Because of Donald Trump Sticker

2017.02.08 – NC: Police investigating 20 reports of property damage including anti-Trump graffiti

2017.02.08 – CA: Cal State Fullerton Instructor Has Been Suspended for Striking a Student During a Rally Against President Trump’s Policies

2017.02.07 – CA: Vandals egg home, deface Trump sign. “It has a smiling face, and the word ”f” you, ‘f” you a-hole,’ but the full word, signed ‘a Mexican,'”

2017.02.04 – MO: 12-year-old suspended because he was beaten up on school bus for wearing ‘Make American Great Again’ hat

2017.02.02 – NY: Protestors at NYU Gavin McInnes Event Use Pepper Spray & Attacked

2017.02.02 – CA: Random Attack On Trump Supporter Day After Berkeley Riot

2017.02.01 – CA: Berkeley Anti-Trump Protesters Riot And Shut Down UC Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos Speech. “…They [were trying] to burn the building with us in it.”

2017.02.01 – CA: Berkeley Anti-Trump Protesters Riot And Shut Down UC Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos Speech. “…They [were trying] to burn the building with us in it.”

2017.01.30 – NJ: Anti-Trump Criminals Spray Painted Threats of Punch Nazi’s on NJ’s Rowan University Sign

2017.01.30 – WA: Spokane police investigate vandalism of county GOP headquarters as hate crime. Scrawled “Refugees welcome” and “Nazi scum” across the front door and windows.

** 2017.01.29 – TX: Gay Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious on Texas Street After He Pulls Out Trump Lighter

** 2017.01.29 – TX: Gay Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious on Texas Street After He Pulls Out Trump Lighter

2017.01.29 – OR: Blackbloc Protesting Against the Travel Ban at Portland Airport. Trump Supporters were Surrounded and Brutally Attacked

2017.01.29 – WA: Trump Supporter Has House, Flag, Vehicle and Camper Vandalized

2017.01.29 – OR: Protesters damage Trump supporter’s vehicle after march downtown

2017.01.27 – MA: Donald Trump Campaign Sign Set On Fire In Massachusetts

2017.01.26 – NY: Shia LaBeouf Arrested In NYC At His Anti-Donald Trump Livestream Art Project LaBeouf tugged on a man’s scarf and pushed him, police said.

2017.01.23 – MD: Woman kicked off plane for berating Trump supporter

2017.01.23 – NY: Golden Trump Graffiti Sprayed Onto Bentley in Queens, NYPD Says

2017.01.23 – FL: Woman charged with trespassing at Mar-a-Lago, smeared bananas on vehicles, typed “F***UTrumpB” on computer inside

2017.01.22 – CA: Woman Slashes Trump Sign Because it ‘Ruined Her Chill’ (Admitted to Holding a Knife During the Confrontation)

2017.01.21 – NC: Graffiti Girl Gang Arrested for Scrawling Anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter Slogans Over a Cop Car and Stores

2017.01.21 – UK – “VIOLENCE IN LONDON: Fights break out during unofficial protest against Donald Trump”

2017.01.20 – WA: High School Senior Beaten by Mob for Wearing American Flag Hat at U of W Milo Yiannopoulos Event

2017.01.20 – NY: Trump Supporter Hit with Sign by Anti-Trump Protester in NYC

2017.01.20 – D.C.: Inauguration Day Antifa Violence – Limo Set on Fire at Trump Inauguration Parade

2017.02.20 – OR: “…he ran up and punched the Trump supporter at the back of the head…”

2017.01.20 – D.C.: Deploraball Inauguration Attack: Project Veritas Exposes Plans to Deploy Butyric Acid into Ventilation Systems

2017.01.20 – D.C.: Anti-Trump Protester Lights a Trump Supporters Hair on Fire

2017.01.20 – Nigeria – Donald Trump Inauguration Rally – 20 Biafrans were Shot Dead and Many Missing During March To Support Trump

** 66 Inauguration Day Trump Assassination Threats On Twitter

2017.01.20 – CO: Vandals destroy Donald Trump supporter’s truck. Spray-painted, dented, keyed, tore seats, and broke radio

2017.01.20 – D.C.: Trump Supporters Coat Slashed During Inauguration

2017.01.20 – D.C.: Two Gold Star family members ‘assaulted and spat on by protesters’ as they tried entering the Veterans Inaugural Ball

2017.01.20 – D.C.: At Trump Inauguration, Protesters Go After Actor Scott Baio

2017.01.20 – Infowars Owen Troyer Gets Slapped in the Face

2017.01.17 – MI: Couple attacked in their car over their support for Donald Trump

2017.01.17 – NC: Womans Car was Vandalized with Swastika Because of Trump Bumper Sticker

2017.01.05 – IL: Kidnap And Torture Of Trump-Supporter Streamed On Facebook Live

2017.01.05 – IL: Kidnap And Torture Of Trump-Supporter Streamed On Facebook Live

2017.01.04 – CA: Man Verbally Abused for Wearing Trump T-Shirt

2016.12.31 – WA: New Year’s Eve ‘Red Baseball Cap’ Wearer Assaulted

2016.12.29 – NC: Wayne County GOP Headquarters Break-in and Defacement of Ronald Reagan Mural

2016.12.23 – PA: Bryn Mawr College Student was Harassed Online After She Asked for a Ride to a Donald Trump Event, Eventually Causing her to Leave School.

2016.12.20 – AL: Deputies investigate rash of anti-Trump vandalism. 8 Homes & 6 Cars were damaged.

2016.12.19 – Trump Electors Receive Death Threats

2016.12.13 – MD: $300,000 McLaren ‘Trumpmobile’ Tourched

2016.12.09- CA: Actor T.J. Miller arrested because of an altercation with his Uber driver over President-elect Donald Trump

2016.12.08 – NY: Man Murdered UPS Driver he Believed was Trump

2016.12.05 – MD: Trump Supporters’ C7 Z06 Corvette Vandalized

2016.12.02 – WI: Truck Spray-painted with Anti-Trump Slogans, Set on Fire in Madison

2016.12.01 – PA: 69 Year Old Woman Left With Bloody Head Wound After Man Brutally Beats Her With a Chair for Supporting Trump

2016.12.01 – WA: Trump argument leads to cutting the neck of a Trump Supporter at Pasco bar

2016.11.30 – MD: Another Trump supporters car vandalized by hate criminal in Montgomery County

2016.11.29 – MO: Man Attacked at Plaza Bus Stop Says Teens Asked Him Political Question Before Throwing Punches

2016.11.29 – FL: Navy Veteran & Trump Support’s Home Torched, Ransacked, and Tagged with Anti-Trump Graffiti in Florida

2016.11.29 – FL: Navy Veteran & Trump Support’s Home Torched, Ransacked, and Tagged with Anti-Trump Graffiti in Florida

2016.11.27 – PA: Police: Youths smashed car window over Donald Trump sticker

2016.11.22 – MD: Trump Supporter Victim of Hate Crime in Montgomery County – Swastika Spray Painted on Front Door.

2016.11.20 – CA: Blue-haired woman sentenced to more than 100 days for scrawling anti-Trump graffiti on government buildings

2016.11.20 – Australia: The moment ‘anti-bullying advocate’ and Safe Schools founder ‘harassed a Donald Trump supporter’ at a Melbourne rally

2016.11.20 – D.C.: Trump Supporters Kicked Out of Bar. “We Came to Dance and Were Approached By Multiple Feminists But Never Provoked Anyone. Then a Bouncer Got Hostile and Passersby Attacked Us.”

2016.11.18 – OR: 1 Car Set on Fire, 2 Cars Spray Painted with Anti-Trump Vandalism

2016.11.16 – MD: Student Attacked for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

2016.11.16 – NJ: Man who was marching in support of a “sanctuary campus” attacked a Trump supporter, punching him in the face and knocking his “Make America Great Again” hat off

2016.11.15 – NJ: “My Pro-Trump Stickers, Flags Got my Tires Slashed”

2016.11.15 – GA: Man Murdered in Shooting Outside Atlanta Bar After Joke About Voting for Trump

2016.11.15 – KY: Business Helps Trump Supporter Whose Car was Targeted By Vandals Because of Trump Bumper Sticker

2016.11.15 – MA: Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Boston Bar

2016.11.14 – MT: Polson residents angered by Trump vandalism on Republican Headquarters

2016.11.14 – Anti-Trump Woman Throws Coffee on Trump Supporters in their Car

2016.11.14 – FL: Trailer Homes Spray Painted with Anti-Trump Messages And BLM. One Home was Set On Fire.

2016.11.13 – CA: Mustang Vandalized and Set on Fire Because of Trump Bumper Sticker

2016.11.13 – TX: Department of Public Safety Arrested 6 Members of a Communist Group, Red Guards Austin, for Assaulting Pro-Trump Members

2016.11.12 – CT: Two Men were Arrested After Punching and Kicking a Man Holding a Donald Trump Sign

2016.11.12 – AZ: “F*** Trump” was tagged three times on a central Phoenix home

2016.11.11 – NY: Elderly uncle of Manhattan Rabbi attacked for wearing red Yankee hat mistaken for a MAGA hat

2016.11.11 – NY: Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested For Assaulting 74-Year-Old Man At Trump Protest

2016.11.11 – TX: Mother Kicks Out 8-year old Son for Wanting to Vote for Trump at School Vote

2016.11.11 – CA: High School Student Attacked for Supporting Trump

2016.11.11 – OR: Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Jeep Driving Through City, Rip Off USA Flags, Smashed Windshield, Beat Vehicle With Bats and Fire Extinguishers, and Set Off a Smoke Bomb

2016.11.11 – NY: Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Attacked & Choked on NYC Subway

2016.11.11 – WA: Seattle Protest – Attack on a Donald Trump Supporter During Protest

2016.11.11 – TX: “All because I had a trump sticker at a liberal arts university…” – Car Vandalized

2016.11.11 – OR: ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Trump Protest Turns Into Riots

**2016.11.10 – IL: Trump Supporter Was Dragged Out From Car, Beaten, Car stolen, & Dragged Down the Road in Chicago

2016.11.10 – NY: Trump Supporter Attacked at NYC College; MAGA Hat Almost Set Alight – Black Student Victimized Accuses Public Safety of Cover-up

2016.11.10 – NY: Anti-Bullying Activist Charged with Assaulting 74-year-old Trump Supporter During Protest

2016.11.10 – CA: After Election, Resident Discovers ‘[Expletive] Trump’, ‘666’ Spray Painted on Car

2016.11.10 – VA: GOP headquarters vandalized amid anti-Trump protests

2016.11.10 – NC: Anti-Trump vandals hit Old Chapel Hill Cemetery gazebo and path. Spray-paint “Nazi Pres Elec”.

2016.11.09 – FL: Man’s BMW with Trump Sticker Vandalized in Fort Myers Community

2016.11.09 – AZ: Trump Supporters Car Vandalized. “Their Windows were Smashed, and they Found Graffiti on their Mailbox.”

2016.11.09 – NY: NYC Man’s Dog Brutally Attacked by Unhinged Rioters During Trump Protest

2016.11.09 – TX: 11-Year-Old Student Gets Beat Up For Supporting Donald Trump At School

2016.11.09 – MI: Anti-Trump vandals target Lansing building by smashing a window and a glass door, and spray-painting vulgar anti-Trump graffiti on the building

2016.11.09 – FL: Student Punches Classmate Over Donald Trump Sign at Local High School

2016.11.09 – TX: Anti-Trump Protester Punches Trump Supporter

2016.11.09 – IL: 16-year-old Trump Supporter Receives Death Threats and has Car Vandalized

2016.11.08 – CA: Vandals Target Bay Area Trump Supporters’ Homes, Cars, Flags

2016.11.08 – VA: Gun stolen from Trump supporter waving sign on I-95

2016.11.08 – FL: Woman Handing Out Campaign Literature Supporting Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was Assaulted

2016.11.08 – NY: NYPD Investigating Tires Slashing On Hasidic Trump Supporters Van

2016.11.08 – FL: Woman’s Trump sign, Art Gallery Vandalized

2016.11.08 – NY: Election Night, President of the Cornell College Republicans Was Assaulted for Being Republican. “Fuck You, Racist Bitch, You Support a Racist Party,” the Attacker Grunted at Corn, as He Shoving Her to the Ground

2016.11.06 – CA: Man Approached 72-Year Old Trump Supporter Holding Sign, Cursed at Them, and Stole Giant Trump Sign. Arrested On Robbery Charge.

2016.11.06 – MA: “Kill Your Local Trump Supporter” graffiti was spray-painted on Massachusetts School

2016.11.05 – CA: Black Trump Supporter Is Told “Ni**as Like You Should Be Killed”

2016.11.05 – IL: Rock Island County Republican office vandalized with spray paint

2016.11.04 – CO: Suspect in custody after rock breaks window at Trump’s Denver campaign office in the second act of vandalism in a day

2016.11.04 – CO: Trump’s Denver Campaign Office Vandalized with Painted Anti-Trump Message

2016.11.04 – CO: Trump’s Denver Campaign Office Vandalized with Painted Anti-Trump Message

2016.11.04 – NC: Alamance County GOP Headquarters Vandalized with Anti-Trump Graffiti

2016.11.03 – CA: Vandals continue to attack Trump headquarters in Ukiah

2016.11.03 – MA: Person Dressed as Gumby Destroys Trump Sign on Halloween

2016.11.03 – CA: Trump Supporters Truck Torched Because of Bumper Sticker

2016.11.02 – IL: Evanston man’s Donald Trump sign burned on his front lawn

2016.11.01 – CO: Arsonist Sets Trump Campaign Sign On Fire, Endangers Entire Neighborhood

2016.11.01 – MD: Trump Staffer Assaulted for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat on Towson University Campus

2016.10.31 – ID: 100’s of Pro-Trump Signs Destroyed. Swastikas. Car Keyed.

2016.10.31 – FL: Campaign Signs Vandalized with Racist Nazi Stickers

2016.11.30 – PA: Church Hit With Anti-Trump Graffiti

2016.10.28 – MI: Criminal Who Ran Over Trump Signs Didn’t Realize They Were Messing With The Wrong Person

2016.10.28 – CA: Truck Vandalized Because Of Pro-Trump Bumper Sticker

2016.10.28 – FL: “Someone sprayed swastikas on his Trump sign — but he won’t take it down until Election Day”

2016.10.28 – CA: Hollywood Homeless Black Woman Attacked for Supporting Trump

2016.10.26 – CA: Family woke up to their two cars’ windows smashed-in, home covered in eggs, and Donald Trump campaign signs stolen

2016.10.26 – PA: University of Pittsburgh Trump Supporters Campaign Table Flipped

2016.10.26 – CA: Donald Trump’s Star on Walk of Fame Vandalized with Sledgehammer

2016.10.25 – AL: Car With Trump Bumper Stickers Gets Destroyed…Spray Painted “F*** Trump” On Car

2016.10.24 – NV: Trump sign and vehicle vandalized at Reno gun shop

2016.10.21 – WI: Man Arrested After Torching Trump Sign

2016.10.21 – WI: Man Arrested After Torching Trump Sign

2016.10.20 – UT: #FeelTheBurn “AmeriKKKa” – Trump signs were damaged or defaced with vulgar graffiti, and the vandals also damaged a front door and two vehicles painting signs and property with profanity along with “#FeelTheBurn” and “AmeriKKKa”.

2016.10.19 – VA: Leesburg Neighborhood Tagged With Anti-Trump Graffiti

2016.10.18 – IN: Vandals Throw Bricks Through Windows at Delaware County Republican Party Office

2016.10.18 – FL: Driver Who Posted Video of Himself Busting Through Trump Sign, Busted by Police

2016.10.18 – FL: Trump Signs Spray Painted with Swastikas in Cape Coral

2016.10.17 – WI: Wisconsin woman ‘fed up about the entire election’ smears peanut butter all over cars in misguided Trump protest

2016.10.17 – NC: Hillsborough GOP Headquarters Firebombed

2016.10.16 – MD: Student Wearing Trump Hat Is Punched & Kicked to Ground

2016.10.15 – MN: Trump Supporters Lawn was Salted and Sign Torched

2016.10.15 – HI: Maui Trump supporter’s home egged by vandals

2016.10.15 – AR: Woman finds Trump signs burned; arson investigation underway

2016.10.15 – AR: Woman finds Trump signs burned; arson investigation underway

2016.10.15 – ME: Anti-Trump Criminals Spray-Painted About 20 Parked Cars Outside of the Trump Rally

2016.10.13 – OH: Gay Couple Gets Death Threats from Tolerant Left for Supporting Trump

2016.10.13 – MI: Trump Mobile Vandalized in Walled Lake

2016.10.12 – MD: “Streak of vandalized Trump signs ‘unprecedented,’ local party leaders say”

2016.10.12 – MD: 2 Attacks – After they burned his sign, they came back and torn it down.

2016.10.12 – MD: 2 Attacks – After they burned his sign, they came back and torn it down.

2016.10.08 – IN: At GOP office, signs for Trump were hanging in the window when landscaping bricks were tossed through the windows, shattering them

2016.10.06 – TX: Vandals have spray painted her garage. Painted swastikas on Trump signs and stole others. Shot BB’s through her living room window. Broke her landscaping lights and windmill. Egged her Trump signs, car, driveway and garage. “I never back down, and when the dust settles, my friend, it will be me and Trump still standing!”

2016.10.01 – CA: Stealing Trump Signs and Fighting Trump Supporters

2016.09.28 – IL: Anti-Trump Vandalism Outside Polish Center Ahead of Appearance

2016.09.28 – CA: Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Trump Rally

2016.09.27 – NJ: I Wore a Trump Hat Around Rutgers University for a Week and One Girl Threatened to ‘Shit on My Face’ if I Didn’t Take It Off

2016.09.26 – Trump-supporting Minnesota co-ed says she was ‘assaulted’ on debate night

2016.09.25 – FL: Man Steals Trump Sign and Urinates on Mailbox

Canada – SJW Attacks & Steals Hat from Trump Supporter at Mount Royal University

2016.09.02 – PA: Philadelphia ‘Democrats For Trump’ Supporter Attacked By Protester

2016.08.20 – MN: Anti-Trump Idiots Crash Trump Fundraiser, Attack Motorcade & Assault Trump Supporters in Violent ‘Gauntlet’

2016.08.18 – TN: 68-Year-Old Man Punched in the Jaw at Yard Sale For Being a Trump Supporter

2016.08.12 – CA: Twitter Video Purports to Show Trump Supporter Assaulted After Being Refused Service

2016.08.09 – NJ: Man’s Trump T-shirt Sparked Crowbar Attack By Stranger

2016.08.09 – FL: Trump Sign Vandalized with “KKK”

2016.08.08 – NH: Trump Campaign Sign Torched Near Nashua

2016.08.08 – NH: Trump Campaign Sign Torched Near Nashua

2016.08.07 – NY: Pro-Trump ‘installation’ torched on Staten Island

2016.08.07 – TX: Woman’s Home Vandalized Because Of Trump Signs

2016.08.06 – MA: Susan Bryant of North Reading Charged With Vandalizing Trump Sign, Attempted to Run Over Resident

2016.08.03 – NJ: In Liberal South Jersey Town, All-in for Trump Means Vandalism, Threats, Rock-throwing, Thefts, Arson Threat

2016.08.01 – NY: Hate Mob Forcefully Ejects Trump Supporter From NYC Park

2016.08.01 – CA: Trump Supporters Pushed Out of San Francisco Bar Zeitgeist & Stalked Down the Block For Being Trump Supporters

2016.08.01 – MI: Trump Campaign Sign Burned on Lawn

2016.07.31 – PA: Clinton Supporter Attacks Trump Supporter & Lights Flag On Fire

2016.07.27 – OH: Trump Supporter Shot at Cleveland Bar During Heated Political Debate

2016.07.09 – AZ: Trump Supporter Attacked by ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters

2016.07.07 – FL: Trump Supporter Ambushed, Hit in the Face, Stomped on the Ground, Broke his Arm

2016.06.29 – VA: Virginia Family ‘Enraged’ After Trump Sign Vandalized. Five American flags they placed on the sign broken and tossed on the ground. Signs were spray painted and eggs were thrown.

2016.06.29 – African-American Teenage Trump Supporter Received Death Threats By ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists

2016.06.24 – NY: Vandal Attacks Gowanus Trump-Fan’s Home

2016.06.18 – Nevada: Man Who Attempted to Grab Gun at Rally Wanted ‘To Kill Trump’

2016.06.16 – CA: After Anti-Trump Vandals Destroyed Signs and Windows at His Business, Business Owner Confronts Vandals With a Legal Weapon to Stop Attacks

2016.06.07 – PA: Vandals Graffiti “Trump Truck” in Scranton

2016.06.04 – WA: Vandals take destruction of Trump signs to a new level. First they tore them down, then they threw paint on them, now they burn them.

2016.06.02 – CA: San Jose Riots and Attacks at Trump Rally

2016.06.02 – CA: San Jose Woman is Stalked, Spat On, Shoved, Pushed and Hit For Being a Trump Supporter

2016.06.02 – CA: While Leaving a San Jose Trump Rally an Angry Mob Attacked Gay Latino Trump Supporter & Log Cabin Republican

2016.06.02 –