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AVM Voter Conduct Pledge

Put your city, county, state and national elected official on notice by inserting their name below and sending them the letter below to let’m squirm a little!!

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[Insert Politicians name]

[Insert Politicians Position]

Dear Office Holder,

Currently, YOU have no fear that YOU will be held answerable for YOUR actions while in office and so YOU get elected over and over again deepening the corruption that exists in much of OUR government. As educated and informed voters from this point forward WE will ensure that YOU and ALL potential and incumbent candidates understand that YOU work for US, period. YOU or anyone running for office need and should understand that WE will hold YOU accountable for YOUR actions, and if YOU do ANYTHING that violates YOUR oath of office or that is unethical, that is unlawful, or even seemingly underhanded that WE will vote YOU out, end of story!

WE must have office holders who put America first before THEIR selfish desires who put the Americans above THEIR own petty wants. As a servant of the people YOU enter into an implicit contract with Americans that YOU will serve their country first and YOURSELVES and YOUR party second, and if YOU are unwilling or incapable of doing this, then YOU need to know that YOU will be gone after the next election. There should be no question for YOU that this will happen! Once we get rid of YOU, WE will only support candidates that that actively believe and support truth, justice, and the American way!

Consequently, I must convey to you the following information:

I do my utmost to vote and educate myself on the pertinent issues & candidates at each election and will resist propagandizing by ANY person, politician, political party, or media outlet.

I will follow all instructions & regulations established for a free and fair election thus ensuring that my vote can be accepted, verified and counted.

I will only elect candidates and reelect incumbents providing that their actions or failure to act that does not brings about or dishonor and/or disgrace or worse upon themselves, their office, their city, their state, or America.

I will vote for candidates based on their individual characteristics and their ability to fulfill the duties of the position and NOT because of my own personal prejudices or their race, gender, creed, political party affiliation.

If not, already law I will use the power of my vote enforce term limits for the following offices: US HOUSE 3 terms, US Senate 2 terms, State House 3 & State Senate 3 terms, County & City Government 3 terms each regardless of my own personal prejudices or the candidate’s race, creed, political party affiliation.

I will respect the results and winner of elections and support a peaceful and orderly transition of power, furthermore, in the event of proven voter fraud, I will allow justice to be served via our law enforcement & judicial systems.

I will always treat all candidates & my fellow voters with respect even if they do not support my candidate or my political point of view.

If YOU are conducting yourself in the manner befitting someone in YOUR position in our government then YOU will have my vote, but if YOU are not then you should pack YOUR bags for YOUR trip hope after the next election cycle and the only person YOU’LL have to blame is YOURSELF! Consider this YOUR only notice!


{Insert Your Name Here]

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