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RFN Superbowl of Snoflakism

Ahhh..Trump’s a businessman not a politician Ahhh..Trump used to be a democrat Ahhh..Trump hates legal immigrants Ahhh..Trump hates poor people Ahhh..Trump bypasses the biased media with twitter Ahhh..Trump's a white supremacist Ahhh..Trump's a nazi Ahhh..Trump's a fascist Ahhh..Trump is an evil dictator Ahhh..Trump wants to put america first Ahhh..Trump hates the environment Ahhh..Trump hates LGBT people Ahhh..Trump won the election Ahhh..Trump's hating celebrities still haven’t left the USA Ahhh..Trump hates illegal alien children Ahhh..Trump hates muslims Ahhh..Trump doesn’t want to let women kill their own babies Ahhh..Trump's hates the un Ahhh..Trump's hates nato Ahhh..Trump's making our allies par their fair share Ahhh..Trump says his button is bigger than the little rocket man Ahhh..Trump's meeting with putin Ahhh..Trump wants war with iran Ahhh..Trump hasn’t stopped the gun violence in Chicago Ahhh..Trump’s responsible for every bad thing that has or will ever happen for the next 100 years Ahhh..Trump's gonna destroy the world not sure how but HE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're gonna be triggered, please at least be triggered by something that's NOT never trump lying scheming democrat really fake news!!! #truth_is_not_a_violation_of_community_standards_– Ura B. Gluser (378)

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1 Comment

J Jones III
J Jones III
Feb 17, 2019

Finally, out of fb jail for a RFN post in my own group that I started and I admin. I didn’t report on myself and I didn’t block my own post and I didn’t report myself to the fascistic facebook community standards enforcement team! Why then was I blocked? Could it be that one of my “followers” is a facebook spy? If one of you is a spy I would just like to say you are the lowest form of life on this planet. Yes, even lower than politicians! #living_on_borowed_time_til_next_fb_jail_term

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