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RFN Situation Clarification!

The libtard notion that America is a nation of immigrants is a total and utter democrat fabrication! AMERICA IS A NATION OF CITIZENS!! CITIZENS who embrace our culture not seek to destroy it, CITIZENS who love America not hate it, CITIZENS who strive to obey the law not ignore it, CITIZENS who don't physically and mentally enslave people just to get a vote at election time, CITIZENS who demand truth and refuse to accept really fake news and the cowards who perpetuate it, and finally CITIZENS who just want life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness and not be called a racist, bigot or privileged just because of their skin color!! -JMJ (357)

My Quote of the day: Skin color is NOT a choice, prejudging ANYONE solely based on that makes you a racist no matter what color YOU are!! #aprilryan_cnn_is_racist

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