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RFN Defining Moment!

Before we can discuss the immigration problem we need establish some baseline concepts. Persons of any age voluntarily or by their parents who violate our border are not immigrants, not migrants, not undocumented or dislocated or migrant workers, not dreamers, not asylum seekers, they are illegal aliens and as an American I expected them to be held accountable just like I would be if I broke the law. They deserve no special treatment especially niceties American citizens don't AND won't receive!! -JMJ (368)

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J Jones III
J Jones III
Mar 04, 2019

Liberal say that ALL illegal aliens are not all criminals & rapists, but don’t these SAME liberals also say that ALL cops are racist bigots who just want to kill unarmed black people? I think YES.

#stop_liberal_hypocrisy_NOW , #truth_is_not_a_violation_of_community_standards

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