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Why We need Winners & Losers of LIFE & Elections!

A Personal Exploratory Essay by John M Jones III, (11/24/18)

There’s always someone who is a little more successful. There’s always someone who has a little more money. There’s always someone with a nicer car, house, or material things. There’s always someone who is just a little bit smarter or better looking. There’s always someone willing to work a little bit harder. Finally, there’s always going to be a person who gets more votes in an election. What does this mean for you and me? It means there are winners and there are losers in Life & Elections!

Some on the political spectrum would have you believe that being a winner in an election is somehow wrong. They would have you believe that the fact that one person could work hard to get elected by making all the right decisions is privileged, racist, bigoted, sexist or prejudiced and is tantamount to a giant micro-aggression committed upon the world. Then there are others that believe that everyone has an equal chance of obtaining life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and a political office it just depends on how hard you work.

Today, if you win an election and you have certain political beliefs you are not only roundly criticized of ‘probably’ causing the world to end in a nuclear cataclysm, but accused of racism, intimidation, bigotry, being a nazi or a colluder, and even stealing elections. While the loser is praised as a champion of the poor, women, and minorities & further the holy protector of the environment even though when no one is looking they steal from the poor, cause the death of thousand of babies, and blackmail corporations into supporting costly climate change regulations that have no effect on the climate.

We need to set something straight here and NOW when it comes to how we handle elections and those we elect!

It’s OK for there to be a winner and it’s ok for there to be a loser!!!!!!!!


-be humble and realize that YOU lost and YOU not others are solely responsible for the outcome.

-look at YOUR own actions to determine what YOU did or not do that resulted in the outcome.

-YOU not others need to make better decisions that might result in a positive future result.

-beat your opponent at the ballot box and treat everyone with respect!

-NOT intimidate, confront or physically attack people, riot, block roads, destroy property, suppress speech, try to get people fired, or even falsely accuse them of a crime.


-be humble and realize that even though YOU won the election it’s YOUR job to represent EVERYONE not just YOUR friends, YOUR party, or server YOUR own interests!

-remember that YOUR seat, office, or position belongs to the PEOPLE and that NO person, party, or group is entitled to ANY elected or appointed office, EVER!

-never take a person’s vote, gender, race, geographic region or religion for granted!

-always put the interest of the country ahead of YOUR own or YOUR party and if YOU do not then YOU should expect to be voted out of office.

-beat your opponent at the ballot box and treat everyone with respect!


-deal with it!

-ask yourself did you vote in the last election?

-if you didn’t then you FAILED miserably in your duties as an American Citizen and you have NO right to complain about ANYTHING!

-if you did vote and your candidate still lost, make sure you get a better candidate or get more people to vote in the next election or BOTH, but don’t complain about the system. The system works fine when people accept their loss with dignity and poise instead of bogus lawsuits and slanderous rhetoric.

Our political system works BEST when educated and informed voters look at all the candidates, amendments, and referendums and make choices that will not only benefit them but their neighbor, their community and their country. Don’t let others mislead you into choosing a path that leads to not only to the destruction of our country but will take away the freedoms that our founding fathers, and our countrymen fought and died for the last 242 years!

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J Jones III
J Jones III
Jan 27, 2019

Politicians who blame another’s beliefs, race, gender, or religion for losing an election do nothing but show why they lost and why they are the lowest form of life on earth.

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