Things that make you go hmmmm…..

(4) A north carolina democrat is decrying ballot harvesting because he is losing, but in california the dems flipped multiple house races because of the same practice yet non of them seem to be complaining...

(3) The media has declared the era of POTUS 41 the last bastion of tolerance and civility but wasn't it the same media that constantly attacked him for being a racist, a wimp, an elitist, and some even called him a nazi sympathizer....

(2) Remember when Alyssa Milano said Obama should goto jail for using tear gas over 50 times and for using pepper spray 151 times at the border? I don’t either! I wonder, too, if celebrities understand the term selective outrage and just how stupid it makes them look??

(1) In the last election failed Florida gubernatorial candiate gillum demanded ALL 80k+ ‘mysteriously found’ broward county ballots to be counted but he didn’t want 150 ballots from a predominantly republican county hit by recent hurricane to be counted. If he really wanted ALL the votes to be counted why not support counting them ALL instead of just democrat ones?


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