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There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and political party talking points!!

An AVM Investigative Essay by John M Jones III (2/27/19)

This is part 2 of my effort to expose the communist bernie sanders, his lies & the statements he claims to be true during his 2020 bid vid.

Claim: “Is about creating a vibrant democracy with the highest voter turnout of any major country on earth while we end voter suppression, citizens united, and outrageous levels of gerrymandering”

Response: What voter suppression is he referring to? Did he forget that it is was the democrats that created the jim crow laws and the poll tax to keep blacks from voting? Did he forget that in 1964 almost 80% of the republicans voted for the civil rights bill while 63% of the democrats voted for it? Maybe he forgot to read the cnn article with this headline, “Democrats need to fix their own voter suppression problem!” (3) what about this headline from the Investors dot com, “How Hillary Clinton Rigged The Democratic Primary — And May Have Broken The Law” (4)

Requiring an ID to vote is NOT voter suppression. Brazil Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, India, Spain, Greece, France, Malta, Belguim, Italy, South Africa are just a few of the countries around the world that require voter ID and I don’t see anyone calling them racist or bigots or that they hate poor people for demanding an ID to vote do you? (5)

Right now you need an ID to attend a DNC convention, or get Alcohol, Cigarettes, Opening a bank account, Apply for food stamps, Apply for welfare, Apply for Medicaid/Social Security, Apply for unemployment or a job, Rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage, Drive/buy/rent a car, Get on an airplane, Get married, Purchase a gun, Adopt a pet, Rent a hotel room, Apply for a hunting license, Apply for a fishing license, Buy a cell phone, Visit a casino, Pick up a prescription, Hold a rally or protest, Blood donations, Buy an "M" rated video game, Purchase nail polish at CVS, Purchase certain cold medicines (6) The democrats claim it is racist or discrimination in order to manipulate weak minded voters who will believe anything they hear and Sanders KNOWS this!

Claim: “Is about creating a government and economy that works for the many not just the few”

Response: Well, I guess the economy has worked well for him. Sanders now has THREE houses, and in 2017 he made over 1 MILLION dollars. (7) OOOPS. What about Elizabeth warren who has a net worth of almost 8 MILLION? (7) Perhaps he should mention last year’s wealthiest congresspeople which has 8 democrats worth between 28 MILLION and 123 MILLION. It must have been an oversight. (8) This is yet another talking point meant to demonize the American dream.

The words “for the many not the few” is code for “to take from those who have and give to those who don’t or refuse to work.” This is communism, period. IT doesn’t work and the fact that sanders is still pushing these ideas shows that the battle of the red menace is not over. Live science when talking about communism and communist revolutions said this, “Historically, such communist revolutions have never yielded their intended utopias of equality.” (9) In other words, socialism and communism DOESN’T work and NEVER will!

Claim: “We should not have a regressive tax system”

Response: How is a tax system regressive when MORE than 44% of Americans pay NO federal income tax? (10) How is a tax regressive when the bottom 20% of families get money back even when they paid NO TAXES? Hint: It’s not! Sanders wants to demonize businesses or corporations because they deduct expenses from their income to lower their tax burden. WELL, IT’S TOTALLY LEGAL BECAUSE IT’S THE LAW. If he doesn’t like it then he should change it instead of vilifying our nations businesses. Maybe if the congress would pass a budget and stop spending money, we don’t have we could keep lowering taxes for EVERYONE!

The previous post and the above text only cover the first 2:34 of sanders 10:48 bid vid. He goes on to say many more lies and make unsubstantiated accusations about President Trump & American people and about evil America is herself. Each one of these radical and extreme statements can easily be refuted, as I did above, if you are willing to do a basic internet search AND be objective about it.

In total sanders made 115 false accusations, misstatements, unsubstantiated claims or outright lies in his video. Is this the type of person we want elected to office? He is so biased that he is literally covered in his trump derangement syndrome. ANYONE who looks objectively looks at America today and at POTUS would conclude that each at every liberal, democrat, and their criminal media cohorts are the ones who HATE America and are saying & doing everything they can to destroy her and her people.

As educated and informed voters if we see a communist running for office who lies 115 times in less than 11 minutes then how many more times will he lie if he’s elected? The world already knows that his communistic policies don’t work so why is he still trying to ‘transform America’? It’s because he wants all of us to live under the thumb of the government, all of us to be poor, all of us to live in crappy housing, all of us to be starving. He wants to destroy our country & our constitutional freedoms and if you vote for him you will be doing that, too!!






a governemting that works for themany not just the few






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