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The Real Political Blame Game Explained

A Personal Analytical Essay by John M Jones III (11/25/18)

From the heights of national government down to the low office of dog catcher elected officials and news media networks are adept at playing the blame game when confronted with the problems that affect our people and country.

When the democrats are in power, they blame the republicans for being obstructionist and claim they hate America and its people, and so the democrats proceed to pass massive spending bills including ones that are 2000-pages without even reading them.

Later, when the republicans are back in power, they blame the democrats for being obstructionist and claim they hate America and its people, and so the republicans proceed to pass massive spending bills including ones that are 2000-pages without even reading them.

At the same time the media shield certain people from criminal scrutiny because of their political affiliation, which they support, while willfully, maliciously, and constantly claim others are nazis, racists, bigots, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, sexists, they want dirty air & water, hate poor people, and want to throw grandma off a cliff with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

At present, we have a huge problem with current US legal immigration laws, with illegal visa overstays, with illegal birth tourism, with thousands of illegals illegally crossing our borders, and activist judges who are illegally making their own laws rather than following them. POTUS says the democrats are to blame that they are anti-ice, anti-borders, and pro-crime. Republicans say the democrats are to blame because they refused to vote on immigration reform, hate America, and only care about illegals rather than American citizens. Democrats blame republicans because they hate the poor little children and their mothers, are racists and bigoted against foreigners.

For the average uneducated and uninformed voter those excuses seem reasonable after all you’ve got to blame someone and why not your political enemies and why not blame those who you can vilify, disparage or libel. But I submit that the blame for ALL the ills of our country can be traced directly to one source and one source only. ONE!

The person(s) with the ultimate responsibility for EVERY SINGLE problem America faces today is the voters. The voters who every two, four, or six years elected the same people who did nothing but sit on their rear, get rich & gain unrestrained power. The voters who voter for horrible R or D candidates because they put their party before country even before their own interest or family. Those voters who still voted for people even though they lied, stole, cheated, took bribes, make false accusations, harbored foreign spies for 20 years, and who have purposely tried to start race wars in our country.

Yes, if the voters continue to elect the same corrupt people into office and if we continue to tolerate a media that’s full of fake news instead of REAL news NOTHING will change. It is the duty of EVERY American citizen to vote for the candidates, amendments, and referendums that will not only benefit them but their neighbor, their community, and their country. It is ALSO the duty of EVERY American to vote OUT those office holders who are self-serving, corrupt, and crooked. Instead, we give the ones we should throw out another term, and another, and another, and another, meanwhile our country continues to slip into a cesspool.

Many cities and states have term limits for elected officials, however the national government has only seen fit to impose a term limit on POTUS yet none for congress? Why? Because it wouldn’t allow them to get rich, to gain power, to get a full pension, and it would not allow them to play the blame game which they all do so well!

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J Jones III
J Jones III
Jan 27, 2019

Since the congress refuses to be pass term limits for themselves it MUST be up to the voters to drain the swamp. The problem is many voters like politicians don't have the testicular fortitude to get put America's interests ahead of their own, SAD!

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