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The Entire Democrat Party is Now Running for President!

An Investigative Essay by John M Jones III (4/28/19)

former vp joe biden: He has a history of groping woman & girls. (1) He has a history of making racist comments (2) In 1975, he came out AGAINST the desegregation of our nation’s schools saying it was better for blacks to stay separate (3) Anything that comes out of his mouth is not ‘truthful’ (4) Biden also maliciously, in 2012, speaking to a group of black people said this of the republicans “They're going to put y'all back in chains." (4a) Don’t forget He would be the first Hair Sniffer N Chief if elected, too

south bend, ind., mayor pete buttigieg: He started his campaign by forcing his gay lifestyle on America. (5) He panders to the pc police and Says he’s sorry got too many white people supporters at the ONE rally he’s had so far. (6) One of HIS own citizens, where he is mayor, had this to say about him: “ Ain’t s--- changed. ... How is he gonna run the whole country if you can’t get your city right first?” Shawn White, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, RESIDENT (7) Just because they might be the first gay mayor to be a president doesn’t mean they are qualified to be president! Obama ran and won on the fact he would be the first black president, and we can all see how that turned out right?

massachusetts rep. seth moulton: This headline from 2017 says it all about this guy: “Generals Love Him. Top Democrats Despise Him. Can He Be President Anyway? Seth Moulton, the junior congressman from Massachusetts, has a war record that appeals to voters and makes opponents nervous.” Other than that, Seth, who??? (8)

california rep. eric swalwell: alameda county a county in HIS district saw the most reported hate crimes in 2017. (9) san francisco also a city in HIS district had 5,500 reports of feces incidents in 2011 when HE took office and in 2018 there was over 28,000. (10) Do we want someone in the white house that can’t even keep people in HIS district from pooping and urinating in the streets? We need a “Commander & Chief” not a “Pooper N Chief” in the White House!

ohio rep. tim ryan: The daily wire had this headline about Ryan: “Not Fully Insane: Ohio Representative Tim Ryan Is Latest Democrat To Announce Presidential Run” (11) I am not sure but if you are not FULLY insane does that still make you STILL insane?

sen. kirsten gillibrand: She was one of many democrats who falsely accused justice Kavanagh and no longer believes in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ (12) She said of Trump that he was 'a toddler who is melting down and making bad decisions' (12a) Yet AT THE SAME TIME she told America “Truly, Women Will Die’ if Kavanaugh Confirmed” in her failed attempt to kill a supreme court nominee. (13) She furthermore says: “Trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country,” (14) yet EVERY democrat senator, which included HER, just voted AGAINST protecting babies that survive abortions, SICK! (15) Now if she is willing to blatantly support the death of thousands of babies every day and mislead Americans to derail a supreme court nominee what else is she willing to do once she gets into office?

former rep. beto o’rourke: beto was involved in a drunk driving accident, in 1998, and according to an eye witness fled the screen of the crime, which is a felony! (16) He wants to tear down completely the border wall in el paso so that illegal aliens can freely pour into el paso. (17) There were over 1,000 people were murdered in Juarez (city in Mexico opposite of el paso) in 2018, up from 636 in 2017 and 470 in 2016. (17) So, he wants murderers and criminals and illegals and ms-13 gang unfettered access to America. Is this what the democrats are coming to in 2020?

former gov. john hickenlooper: He says, “I’m running for president because we need dreamers in Washington but we also need to get things done,” hickenlooper said in the video.” (18) Apparently, he is implying that President Trump isn’t doing anything for America. I guess he forgot to read the “Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping!” (19) Mic, DROP!

gov. jay inslee: He wants to eliminate coal power plants, which we need to produce electricity for America and its Citizens to LIVE, therefore he wants to KILL all Americans! (20) He supports the paris climate accord which would eventually have cost America $3 Trillion dollars and 6 million jobs (20, 21) but he’s rich why should he care about people’s bank accounts and their jobs or about American?

sen. bernie sanders: He KNEW the democrat primary was RIGGED against him by Hillary yet he still endorsed her so his supporters would be enticed vote for Hillary. (21) In 1972 he wrote a story about a woman who ‘fantasized about being raped by 3 men.’ (22) He hated America so much that he flew to the Soviet Union and greatly praised the communists & their murderous regimes, for his own honeymoon (23) which makes him a Soviet/communist Sympathizer. Communism globally has been responsible for 110,000,000 or one hundred and ten MILLION deaths. (24) To put it in perspective the population of American in 2018 was 327,000,000 or three hundred and twenty-seven million people (25), which means bernie SUPPORTS the killing the equivalent of almost 1/3 of the American citizens, and he wants to be PRESIDENT THINK ABOUT IT!!!

sen. amy klobuchar: She was one of many democrats who falsely accused justice Kavanagh and no longer believes in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ She has her own allegations of abusiveness toward her own staff. (26) The fact that she is abusive to her own staff is not damaging on its own its when she presents herself as innocent and sweet and pure as the wind driven snow is when her hypocrisy shows!

sen. elizabeth warren, In the mid 80’s she falsely claims to be native American to get a several prestigious jobs. She got herself listed “as a minority law teacher each year from 1986 to 1994. In that time, Warren went from being a law professor at the University of Texas, to the University of Pennsylvania, and finally in 1995 to Harvard University.” (27) Similarly, like joe biden, she is also a plagiarizer. “In 1984, a cousin in Oklahoma asked her to contribute recipes for a cookbook billed as "recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families." The book was entitled Pow Wow Chow..Warren sent five, and under each one, listed herself as Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee..And to make matters worse, some of the recipes appear to have been copied from the New York Times wire service.” (27) Seems like she should look for the plank in her own eye before worrying about the specks in other people’s eye, right?

sen. cory booker: he was one of many democrats who falsely accused justice Kavanagh and no longer believes in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ He called Kavanaugh supporters which include President Trump, millions of Americans Citizens, and republicans, men AND woman "complicit in evil" in his lame attempt to derail the Kavanagh confirmation. (28) He also leaked, what he thought would be damaging material to the press, which were confidential committee records in a further attempt malign witness’s and President Trump.

He also admitted to sexually assaulting a woman in high school and them ‘revictimizing’ her by writing about it in his college newspaper (30) Oh, and don’t forget he is “Spartacus” or should I say Fartacus!

Sen. kamala harris: She was one of many democrats who falsely accused justice Kavanagh and no longer believes in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ SHE and her family are descendants of SLAVE OWNERS (31) yet she HERSELF supports making people who WERE never slave owners to pay people who were NEVER slaves large amount of money for the simple fact they exist on Earth. She supports open borders, which is open crime and thinks the American border is a ‘vanity project’ (32) To top off her hypocrisy we all just found out that she owns a gun (33) but if elected she admits she would use executive action bypassing congress to take away the guns of law abiding citizens. At least she is telling us that she would be a dictator rather than making us guess, right?

There are more candidates and more hypocrisy that I could expose but frankly I think I have made my point! I think you all know what to do…






































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