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The 2020 Shaft Chronicles

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Read All the Different Ways Joe & Kamala have given or will give us the Shaft! -John Jones

Joe/Blow 2020: After we win On Nov. 3rd We're gonna watch these great election movies "Miracle on Shaft Street!" AND "It's a Wonderful Shaft!" Join us won't you! - 9/12/20

Joe/Blow 2020: We must have a President who's willing to tell you to your face that they're gonna shaft you but good! - 9/11/20

Joe/Blow 2020: I don't need a TWO Nobel Peace Prizes to give you the Shaft. All I need is YOUR vote! - 9/11/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Today's Movie Recommendation: Dirty Shafting! (shhhh little girl...Don't Tell JILL) - 9/10/20

Joe/Blow 2020: My record clearly shows that I can shaft waaaaay better than the orange man! Come on man! - 9/10/20

Joe/Blow 2020: If you don't shaft for me then you ain't Black! - 9/10/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Had my opponent had acted earlier in the pandemic he would've enabled me to shaft over 50,000 more people. He's a blatant anti-shafter and a shaftist!- 9/9/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Shafts with 'd' are love, joy and kindness while shafts with a 'r' just wanna roll grandma off a cliff! - 9/9/20

Joe/Blow 2020: If Elected I will follow shaft science to the letter unlike my opponent who refuses to shaft anyone at all! - 9/9/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Rioting Advice: If you get stopped by the feds while rioting just tell them "My Shaft is Up and I Can't Shaft" and they will leave you alone! - 9/8/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Under my Administration shafts will be provided to everyone regardless of it they actually need one or not! - 9/8/20

Joe/Blow 2020: If you voluntarily let yourself be shafted then you can't blame us later for it! - 9/8/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Like cars last year's shafts are now obsolete. 2021 Shafts will be available on election day! - 9/7/20

Joe/Blow 2020: If its 8 am and you haven't shafted anyone yet you are doing it wrong! - 9/7/20

Joe/Blow 2020: If elected I will support an amendment that requires daily and vigorous shafting for ALL Americans! Come on MAN! - 9/7/20

Joe/Blow 2020: I Don't need to be in the basement to give you the shaft, but I might need an extra pair of hands! - 9/6/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Come on Man! It's only the shaft. It won't hurt.....Much! - 9/6/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Truth of the day: Shafts ALWAYS rise in the east and SET in the WEST! - 9/5/20

Joe/Blow 2020: PSA: We don't support Driving and Shafting unless you're shafting all those people at trump rallies! - 9/5/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Row, Row Row Your Shaft Gently down the Stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily Us Shafting YOU will NOT be a Dream! - 9/5/20

Joe/Biden 2020: We Wholeheartedly Support Seta: Shafts for the Ethical Treatment of Animals! - 9/4/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Today's Wisdom: If you are feeling down just shaft yourself like I do and all will be well! - 9/4/20

Joe/Blow 2020: ALL our Anonymous Sources say getting the shaft was the BEST thing that EVER happened to them and it will be for YOU too, or ELSE! -9/4/20

Joe/Blow 2020: We could care less about Black on White shafting, but if there's a White on Black shafting then we're gonna burn your city down! - 9/4/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Unlike my opponent WE have a big giant shaft and WE are NOT afraid to use it on YOU! -9/3/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Daily Wisdom: The CDC recommends shafts be a 100% parts of a person's healthy diet, but this mandate will not apply to illegal 'persons'! - 9/3/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Immigration Policy Announcement: Inter-dimensional shafts should have the same rights regular shafts! #allshaftsmatter -9/3/20

Joe/Blow 2020: In Poker YOU have to tell if someone's bluffing. Not us! We are clearly telling YOU we are gonna give YOU the shaft and YOU are gonna like it! - 9/2/20

Joe/Blow 2020: It's not discriminatory if we SHAFT everyone equally and totally! -9/2/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Future Prediction: You put your left shaft in You take your left shaft out You put your left shaft in And you shake it all about! - 9/1/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Why are you worried? Getting shafted is as painless as getting a bullet to the head. -9/1/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Weather Advisory: We are Deep in the Shaft of Uncertainty! - 8/31/20

Joe Blow 2020: Daily Wisdom: We Govern using Shaft- Science not Looney Shaft-spiracy Theories! - 8/31/20

Joe/Blow 2020: The shaft rolls downhill and you are at the bottom! - 8/31/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Shafting is not wrong until you say stop, but even then we won't stop! - 8/30/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Social Media Notice: Twitter rules prohibit shafting unless you’re a democrat so now we can shaft YOU all night long! - 8/30/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Our Movie recommendation for Today: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Shaft! - 8/29/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Don’t be an illegal shaft and ONLY enter at legal points of entry! - 8/29/20

Joe/Blow 2020: I'm a Little Shaft short and Stout! - 8/28/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Smokey and the Shaft Pt. II: Shaft Size IS important! - 8/28/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Smokey and the Shaft: DON'T Shaft and drive! - 8/27/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Let them Eat Shaft! - 8/27/20

Joe/Blow 2020: With great a shaft come great responsibility! - 8/26/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Take my shaft, PLEASE! - 8/25/20

Joe/Blow 2020: My God its full of shafts! - 8/25/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Frankly my dear I don't give a shaft! - 8/24/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Is that a Shaft in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? - 8/23/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Stop staring at my shaft, PERV! - 8/22/20

Joe/Blow 2020: There are fine people on both sides of this Shaft! - 8/21/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Shaft me up and and Shaft me down! - 8/20/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Shaft? I don't see a shaft? Do you see a shaft? I don't see a shaft must be your imagination! - 8/20/20

Joe/Blow 2020: A shaft by ANY other name is still a big giant shaft! - 8/19/20

Joe/Blow 2020: A shaft for the ages! - 8/19/20

Joe/Blow 2020: DON'T SHAFT ME BRO! - 8/18/20

Joe/Blow 2020: Its my Shaft and I'll do what I want with it! - 8/18/20

Joe/Blow 2020: becky... look at that shaft... its so big! - 8/17/20

Joe/Blow 2020: The shaft squared! - 8/17/20

Joe/Blow 2020: My kingdom for a shaft! - 8/16/20

Joe/Blow 2020: one shaft for you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you! - 8/16/20

JOE/BLOW 2020: i'll show you mine if you show me yours! - 8/15/20

Joe/Blow 2020: de' shaft boss, de' shaft! -8/15/20

Joe/Blow 2020: One will GIVE you the shaft and the other will **** it! (fill in the blank) -8/14/20


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