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Social Media Suppression and YOU!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

An AVM Investigative Essay by John M Jones III (3/19/2019)

Twitter censors its users by shadow banning is them. (1) Instagram regularly censors photos THEY deem offensive. (2) Youtube censors and demonetizes political content THEY disagree with. (3) Facebook regularly blocks people for violating community standards but doesn't even say which rule they violated. Furthermore, fb allow terrorist to raise money to bomb people, but will block Americans if they call someone a snowflake. (4)

For a long while the stints in fb jail angered me because I had so many questions about it and i couldn't find anyone at fb who could or would answer them: If they don’t tell me which rule, I supposedly violated how do I know I won’t violate it again Why is there an option to appeal? Is there a human, there? Why have they never answered my appeals? What makes them an expert on what is and what is not offensive?

Then one day while I realized something very important about social media. WE DO NOT OWN ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM! As users in exchange for the use of their site agree to abide by THEIR rules no matter how discriminatory. It is sad but true fact that these die hard liberal social media sites DO censor free & political thought THEY disagree with, but it IS their property after all . They can discriminate all they want because the 1st amendment only applies to government regulating free speech not private businesses.

That being said, it still is very upsetting that they censor speech they disagree with or speech that reveals the truth about a certain religion who’s goal to enslave the world. If they want to support a political party that is responsible for the killing of 65 million babies then that’s their right, but we can choose not to support them by not using their service or by using it as little as possible. I call it #deplatforming. I myself have begun this process by creating my own website to present my content. You can #deplatorm by using other social media platforms that support free & political thought and/ or others that don’t cater to the offensives of the lame brained snoflakes of the democrat party or even the world.

While I understand that it is their business why would ANY business that gets paid via ad revenue (clicks or views), purposely seek to drive millions of ‘clickers or viewers’ away from their site just to appease a few easily offended simpletons? One of the big reasons is that they just don't have a back bone and are total cowards. Before infomercials there is a disclaimer about the content. Before paid radio shows there is a disclaimer about the content. So why not just have a disclaimer on social media that the site is not responsible for content?

They won’t do it because the owners of these leftist sites, democrats, and liberals cannot not allow the truth to be told. The truth about democrats, liberals, and how they have all been infiltrated by communists and socialists. The truth is that these sites are just a cover for them to be able to manipulate us on a global scale and to destroy our society as we know it.

As free thinkers we must recognize this and turn back this red tide from whence it came, and we must #deplatform from these social media turncoats NOW! Furthermore, we can encourage & support legislation that would make it illegal for social media to discriminate based on political beliefs.

Lastly, whenever you are censored or put in social media jail please remember the following:

Truth, Facts, and Free Thought are not a violation of community standards

Criticism, offending someone, and sarcasm are not a violation of community standards

Being an American is not a violation of community standards

Exposing social media crimes is ALSO not a violation of community standards

Finally, for all you libtards, Making America great Again is also NOT a violation of community standards, but if you think it does then maybe you should visit all thoase starving and now poor people in venezuela or consider the 150+ million people killed by abortion, Hitler, Stalin, or the khmer rouge. You might also visit the graves of the over 900,000 Christians killed b/t 2005 -2015 because of their faith, too! (5)







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