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Military or American Tax Payer: We are Equal Citizens!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

A Personal Essay by John M Jones III (12/22/18)

Recently, during a heated facebook "conversation" about politics a user decided to imply that since she was in the military that somehow, she had more of a right to comment of the current state of politics in America than me. I promptly informed her that I have the same right to my opinions as she does nor more and no less, and that she should refrain using her military service to elevate herself above others. This is not the first time this has happened and so I feel it is appropriate to clear up a few misunderstandings for those who think the same way as this uneducated and ignorant person.

I support the United States Military 100% and the following comments are solely directed towards those fall in the above referenced category:

The constitution requires NO military service requirement to be or become a citizen of the United States of America, therefore non-serving law abiding tax paying American Citizens are equal to you in EVERY way!

The choice to service in the military is voluntary but does not grant you the right to consider yourself or your opinions more or less important than those of non-serving law abiding tax paying American citizens.

You demean yourself, your service, and your country when you think you have the right to put down non-serving law abiding tax paying Americans who are simply expressing their viewpoint or beliefs.

It is true that non-serving law abiding tax paying American citizens owe those who serve a heavy debt of gratitude, but that does not give you the right to try and silence them or their opinions because they don't align with your own personal or political belief systems.

In the Army's Soldiers Creed, it says that, "I serve the people of the United States," and "I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life." You violate this creed when you place yourself above non-serving law abiding tax paying Americans citizens. The U.S. Constitution gives us ALL an equal right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and you would do well to remember that! Below are many examples what NOT to do in future:

In # 4 the person claims to be in the Air Force and then sets herself up as being better than others and then calls someone a nitwit? Not sure if a REAL airman would do such a thing, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but not for long.

In #5 she calls me a dumbass and then says I am an enemy of America. The airman’s creed says that "My mission is to Fly, Fight, and Win." I am pretty sure it doesn't mean that they should go around calling Americans terrorists who go around beheading or burning people alive, FAIL!

In #6 she brings out the race card by saying I assumed she was a democrat because of her race, and then calls me a racist with absolutely evidence whatsoever. I am pretty sure falsely accusing people of racism is pretty much frowned upon in the Air Force regulation handbook. Can anyone fact check me on this?

In #8 she breaks out the white privilege card which no one can really define and then baselessly said I want to get rid of minorities and the calls her own country a POC. I am not sure, but an Air Force airman would speak this way about their country, and if they did, they ought not be in the Air Force if they don't like America that much.

In #9 she has now gone full postal by saying "If you can’t speak American English you need to leave the country." I am not sure but I would think only full-blown racists would DEMAND that people speak English or leave America. Could it be that she is the racist here? I hope a nearby liberal would speak to her about her intolerance!

In #10 she goes off the rails even further by claiming its racist to build the border wall that was legally authorized by the congress and signed into law in 2006 a FULL 10 years before our current President. She also falsely states the poor little immigrant families are being put in cages and are being refused asylum. I would think that lying and deceitfulness wasn't a trait that the Air Force would want in a recruit, but that's just me.

In #11 she finally resorted to criticizing my spelling and grammar, which led me to believe that my powerful logic and persuasion skills won the day. It’s a fact that once someone resorts to becoming grammar & spelling police their credibility has reached absolute zero and they have now become irrelevant to the conversation. Still perhaps her superior officer, if she is indeed in the Air Force as she claims, should speak to her about this unbecoming behavior. It truly doesn't suit anyone who says they are in the military! Read the transcript for yourself! (see final note at the end)

Conversation Transcript: (FB post was about “Trumps border wall shutdown”)

0. John M Jones III democrats and rhinos think christmas is more important that national security. Stop blaming Trump. its all democrats and rhinos!

1. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten Republicans are the majority in the house and senate, so how are Democrats at fault? I’m neither party, and realize this.

John M Jones III Nefertiti Neferneferuraten spending bill need 60 votes which requires democrats to vote. If they refuse to vote for it then they are the ones that become the obstructionists.

2. John M Jones III It doest matter how many republicans voted that fact that all the democrats voted against it or failed to vote shows they are traitors.

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III not voting for something you are against is not the definition of a traitor.

3. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten Mariza Corrigan and John M Jones III how come Mexico isn’t paying for it? Aren’t you questioning that?

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III serious question. How come Mexico isn’t paying for the wall?

John M Jones III They are not going to hand over the money. We support them in many ways that we can get the money. Everyone whos have a 4th grade education knows this.

4. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten Mariza Corrigan I’m Air Force what have you done for our country? Answer the question nitwit!!

John M Jones III Excuse me but I am an american. You serving gives you no more and no less rights then me and if you think it does yoylu should resign now and leave! Don ever try to elevate yourself again.

5. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III First of all I wasn’t even talking to you dumbass. I swore to protect and defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. So which are you?

John M Jones III I stand by my previous statement.

6. John M Jones III Fyi I am the one who pays taxes. Therefor I pay your wages thats who the hell I am got it!

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III just because I’m black doesn’t mean I’m a democrat. Get that through your thick racist skull. I’m neither party for the record.

7. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III I pay taxes, so I pay myself. Want a cookie?

John M Jones III You are the one that assumed that I assumed you were a dumbocrats. By the way those who yell racist the loudest is generally the biggest racist in the room

8. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III you are afraid of loosing white privilege really. You think if the government has too many minorities in it, and America goes back to being POC like before the natives were massacred. Things will be equal, and you don’t want that.

9. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III If you can’t speak American English you need to leave the country.

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III what language is this? (screenshot of her criticizing a typo I made)

John M Jones III Ok you must be digging deep now for bring up the fake white privileged. Only racists would require people to speak 'american english' in order to be in their country. So who's claiming privilege now?

10. Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III only racist people would want to build a wall, and throw families in cages who are seeking asylum. Then ask to accept white South Africans who are doing the same.

John M Jones III Oooooooooo.. I made a typo. Scarrrrrrrry. But in guess you couldn't just use fact to make your point you resort to beingngrammar police. Sad!!!

11. John M Jones III The wall is the law. If you don't like it get the law changed.

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III no actually every comment you post has grammatical errors in it. Let’s continue to blame the keyboard in which only functions when you type.

(another Screenshot of her being a grammar cop)

12. John M Jones III Nefertiti Neferneferuraten ok everyone the grammer police have now taken over make shure you speel everting correkly from awn.

Nefertiti Neferneferuraten John M Jones III spelling is not the only part of grammar, but okay.

13. John M Jones III My point still applies!

John M Jones III News flash: grammer police moonlights as spelling police too and they are both equally idiotic.

Final Note: That being said, I support ANYONE in the service or a veterans right to express their opinions or their personal & political belief systems, but please remember I have just as much right to my opinion as you do and if you try to use your service as a way to elevate yourself above anyone you are failing in your mission quite horribly.

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