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If You're a Loser and You Know It Clap Your Hands!!!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

An Exploratory Essay by John M Jones III (12/29/18)

Recently, an interesting trend has taken hold with failed political candidates and incumbents. Was it humility? Was it respect? Was it self-examination?? No, sadly it was disrespect for the voter, and disrespect for the process and disrespect for America. The first step of a losing candidate or incumbent should be to thank the American people for their consideration and then to ponder and reflect on why they lost. Today, however, for many they just accuse their competitors, the process, and America of being intensely racist, prejudiced, white privileged, sexist, phobic, and even Nazis. Let's look at just a few examples:

In 2008 primary, hillary blamed Sexism for her loss: The Hill wrote in 2014 in an interview with hillary clinton, “Looking back, Clinton said she was not “effective” at calling at sexism from her opponents, who often fixated on her outfits rather than her policy positions. (1) Not one candidate on either side made her choice of clothing a campaign issue. According to Clinton however, disagreeing with a person’s policies made those who opposed her sexist misogynist pigs, right? Wrong, newsweek disagreed by listing their top five reasons clinton really lost in 2008.

1. “No Respect for the Voters...The not-so-secret assumption behind her entire campaign was that she was the inevitable nominee.” (1) Translation: she thought she was entitled to the being president and should have to earn it.”

2. Poor Strategy Clinton's failure to organize in the caucus states…The campaign was based on the idea that Obama would be eliminated on Super Tuesday. (2) Translation: She figure no one would ever vote for obama so she didn’t even bother campaigning in the certain states (Sounds familiar).

3. “Weak Management…Clinton is responsible for personnel decisions; her poor judgment of people, overemphasis on loyalty and testy reaction to anyone delivering bad news made her slow to recognize the need for a management shakeup.”(2) Translation: she could ever admit to being wrong and when she finally did it was too late.

4. “Arrogance: The reason Clinton didn't adjust more quickly, alienated many potential donors, antagonized the press and had so much trouble winning over uncommitted superdelegates, is that from start to finish her campaign gave off a distinct whiff of arrogance. Campaign staffers, internalizing that victory was inevitable, felt that Clinton's stature in the party gave them license to play rough with anyone who wouldn't come along.”(2) Translation: she knows what good for the people better than the people do!

5. “Entitlement: While Hillary turned out to be a much stronger candidate as time went on, one thing never changed: the sense that the Clintons felt they were owed the nomination. By repeatedly moving the goal posts on party rules, sideswiping Obama at every turn, whining about rampant sexism on the basis of two or three anecdotes” (2) Translation: It’s mine I deserve it. You can’t have it its Mine and if you try and take it I’m gonna hit you!

In 2016 election cycle, Hillary not only re-blamed sexism & misogyny for her loss, but added many more lame excuses to her list and here are just a sample of them in all their glory: james comey, vladimir putin, barack obama, the media, bernie sanders & his supporters, jill stein, white sentiment (3), facebook, twitter, Russia, wikileaks, the republican party, the democrat party, the new york times, Netflix (4), her own campaign, poor debate questions, political journalists, TV coverage of her campaign, she even blamed women who were told to NOT vote for her by their sons, fathers and husbands (5). Translation: It’s everyone else’s fault I lost rather than my own.

In 2018, failed georgia gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams’ numerous excuses for her loss included: her opponent abusing his office & power (6), her opponent was ‘an architect of (voter) suppression’ (7), he is a racist (8), she’s the victim race discrimination, low voter turnout from poor people, and finally she blames the election system itself. (9) Translation: I didn’t win so there must be a problem with the people in charge & the election laws because everyone knows that I should have won by a landslide.

In 2018 another failed gubernatorial candidate andrew gulium made his own list of excuses as to why he lost: His opponent, and those neo nazis who voted for him were racist, (10,11) he even blames 150 or so voters in a hurricane ravaged florida county for his loss. (12) Translation: If I don’t win then there is a problem with my opponent or the system because it sure isn’t my fault!

In 2018 the losing incumbent bill neilson follows the others example by claiming he lost because: election laws are too strict (13), hurricane victims voted by fax or email (14), his opponent doesn’t want all the votes counted. (15) Translation: the election laws not are benefiting me, so I’ll just sue until broward & palm beach county can find enough votes for me to win!

For any reasonable voter if a losing candidate or incumbent blames anyone or anything other than themselves for a loss then they are not living in reality and shouldn't be in office anyway. Some candidates seem to think that they are entitled to our votes because of their race, creed, religion, or political affiliation. The ONLY person to blame for an election loss is the candidates themselves. They are the ones who failed to convince voters that they would be best person for the job.

We need to elect people who will not only take responsibility for their losses, but are humble in their victories, ones that put America FIRST, one who put the needs of their fellow Americans before their own selfish ones. The ones that sue to change established election procedures because they ‘re losing or ones that call their opponents or voters racist or worse because are poor excuses of human beings and need to be shown the door and told NEVER to come back!




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J Jones III
J Jones III
27 jan. 2019

When candidates call their potential voters deplorables, sexists, racists and nazis is it a wonder why they lose? Not to me! It proves they have no business in office in the first place!


Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones
02 jan. 2019

I agree!

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