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Hypocrite Hilarity

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Honk Honk∞ M F'kers! We all know who the REAL nasi's are! (>YOU<)

Quote o th day: When you think the gov owns peoples' children and should be able to teach them about sex at 5 yrs old then you might be a groomer & a pedo!

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Past Quotes o th day: Those who claim to be holier-than-thou and have a skeleton (or five) in their closets should STFU!

Those who point and yell nasi nasi the loudest are usually the ones just trying to cover up their own crimes! Got someone to add to my list please let me know so I can add them to my daily Honk Honk!

If you care more about keeping epsteins customers secret, but harass Freedom truck donors then you might be redneck dumb***!!

A government for OF, FOR and BY the means we can remove you at ANY time by ANY means necessary and we'd be patriots not seditionists!

Anyone who discriminates against a person in favor ANY another because of a physical characteristic is just about as racist as you can get!

The only thing politicians thinks about is getting (re)elected. They care 0% about the voters. They care only about getting and keeping power over them!

Liars are easy to recognize. They are ALL politicians, liberal media terds, and dumba** celebs who open their mouth!

There are 3 types of lies...lies, dam lies and political party talking points!!

When you support a person who committed a fake hate crime doesn't that make you part of that fake hate crime? Asking for a friend who was blamed for it!

If YOU tell us to buy/use electric cars, but there's like one charging station on the planet then you might be a large and smelly terd.

If you give money to enemies of the USA for THIER border security while allowing thousands of illegals freely cross the USA's border YOU should be impeached

If all you can say to the press is "My butts been wiped" then maybe you shouldn't be president!

If you use nasi tactics to suppress free speech, your political enemies and their supporters then.....Well?

If you think its normal for people to go around taking pictures of crack smoking hunter biden to blackmail him/you later then....Well?

If you think its ok to let dude's compete in women's sports then....well?

When a man dressed as a woman says she got mo' balls than you then YOU really got no balls!

When it's discovered that a sitting prez is corrupt as hell and you blame russian disinformation then you're not just a liar, but a big smelly terd, too!

When you say it's ok for stacy abrams to saw repubs' stole her election yet you lock people up with no bail up because YOU actually did steal an election...Well?

Being Born with a wee-wee makes you a boy. Being born with a vee-gee makes you a girl. Any other gender YOU make up along the way is YOUR problem not MINE!

When you demand that the world stop selling russian dressing because they invaded ukraine then you definitely have lettuce for brains!

When you start a fake war to cover up your own corruption and the corruption of the demo-rat party & Killary Klinton you might be a terd-head!

When you claim we are in WW3 to cover up your & son's corruption and that of obama, killary klinton and her wife and the entire demo-rat party you might be a Slow Biden!

If you think its ok to respond to edgy jokes, black on black crime or black on Cop violence by calling the aggressors the victim then you are definitely giant snoflake liberal trash!

When you close keystone that produces .86 million barrels to open the USA reserves to put out .18 mil barrels you must be a victim of common core education and you're noting but common TRASH!

When you label state and federal bills so you can lie about them then you're a beslubbering flap-mouthed maggot-pie!

When you try to start WW3 in ukr just to cover up your & your family's corruption there then you might just be the worst president in the history of earth!

When you think its ok to abort a child ANYTIME up to 30 days after its born then you should have been the one aborted by YOUR MOTHER, plus you're disgusting pile of terds.

When you claim there are 100 genders but can't even define what a "woman" is then you might have terds for brains.

When YOU think DJT should be persecuted for a fake insurgency on J6 but YOU can't even remember YOU'RE the POTUS. I have no words!

When you care more about funding & housing illegal aliens while jobless & homeless citizens roam US cities and ya don't do shit then you're a dirty Traitor scum bag!

If you "feel" the need to tell little kids about your sexlife or about their sex organs to make you feel better about yourself you might be a gr00mer and 1 step away from a pedo.

When you blamed trump for gas prices yesterday, but today you blame putin you are nothing buy rank onion-eyed nut-hook terds!

When you think a seasonal product liked corn can replace a year round product like oil to bring down gas prices then you might have a cobb or two stuck where the sun don't shine.

When you release a crappy song about how innocent you are after you were convicted (by the public) of trying to start a race war then you might be a real nasi!

If you turn around and try to shake hands with people who are not there and then can't figure out how to get off the stage then its too late for the 25 amendment. YOU NEED TO RESIGN NOW!

When you think allowing someone to speak in the public square that has different views than you is the same as being one of hitler's nasi's then you're a dankish crook-pated hedgepig.

When you claim hitler was for free speech then anyone who supports free speech is the same to hilter & they are nasi's you might be liberal & insane.

When you are so woke that you can't tell a white guy from a black guy and then accuse that black guy of being a white guy of doing black face well you're a waste of space and racist!

When the Easter Bunny tells the President of the USA not to talk to the press then it might be time for a new effen president.

When YOU dox people and try to ruin their lives but then cry cry me a river when you claim the same happened to you then might be a fawning elf-skinned codpiece.

If you need to clear your political speeches with the Easter Bunny then you're not only an egg-head but a perfect eggs-ample of why we need the 25th amendment!

When you cry like a whittle baby whaby when florida VOTES to eliminate special treatment for a billion dollar corp that does business in multiple anti-gay countries you're great example of a dirty hypocrite terdface.

Building back better by being broke because biden bea bloviating betard bovine bastard.

When elon buys twitter and suddenly demorats are clutching their pearls and want twitter 2b regulated then they might be dankish fen-sucked cotpole.

When its ok for a white black race agitator (talcom x) to claim a white man owning something is racist then you might be a villainous fool-born flax-wench.

When you think the gov owns peoples' children and should be able to teach them about sex at 5 yrs old then you might be a groomer & a pedo!


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