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Candidates Who Lie in their Announcement Speech are Unfit for Office

An AVM Investigative Essay by John M Jones III (2/20/19)

Recently, the well known communist bernie sanders produced a video announcing that he was running for President. In this video he repeatedly propagated false claims, lies, unsubstantiated accusations, and made slanderous & defamatory statements toward our American, current government and the President of the United States. As an educated & informed voter I believe that candidates who perpetuate dishonesty are the worst kind of person and should be exposed for being the scum that they really are!

In a further effort to expose him and his lies we need to examine the statements he claims to be true and examine the long list of lies he espoused during his announcement video:

Claim: “donald trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history”

Response: This is an unsubstantiated claim designed to be inflammatory and to make himself seem more important than he really is. He also didn’t produce a shred of evidence to support this ludicrous claim and therefore it is a blatant lie.

Claim: “its about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice”

Response: who defines economic, social, racial, and environmental justice? Will it be a government panel, democrats, congressional black caucus, the two radical muslims in congress, antifa, black lives matter, cair, black panther party, louis farrakan, al sharpton, the local mosque, or radical so called anti-white social justice snowflakes?

The world bank says the global (and in the USA) poverty is at a record low. (1) A 2013 washington post article lists the USA as one of the LEAST racist countries in the world (2), even with President Obama constantly creating a racial division among Americans during his tenure. USA today stated that in 2018 support for gay marriage was 67% and ALL TIME HIGH. In 1996 it was 27%. (3) President Trump also appointed the first openly gay ambassador to Germany. (4) Science daily reports that the 1972 clean water act has significantly improved the US water quality (5) An article from the Texas policy foundation said this about the environment in the us: “Despite rampant negativity about the state of the environment in the U.S., air pollution has declined dramatically over the past 50 years.”

Since every one of Sanders claims about “Justice” can be completely refuted with a simple 5-minute search it is clear that he is pandering, exaggerating, and embellishing to the point of ridiculousness. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true!

Claim: “its about taking on the powerful special interest dominate our economic and political life”

Response: So, he is going to take on the special interest group planned parenthood who has killed over 7.6 million babies since 1973 and who gave democrat candidates over $15 million from 2010-2018, right? I doubt it!

Will he fight moveon org who says they are NON-PARTISAN but has spent over $30 million in just ONE-year, 2018, SOLEY on democrat issues and candidates. (8) I think NOT! I guess he forgot about them!

Will he fight this: “In terms of political giving, the 2016 cycle was an exceptional year for Democratic and liberal interests (The ones listed below) They contributed more than $84 million, compared to about $26 million in 2014. Individual donors, rather than PACs, accounted for 78 percent of that.” Democratic Governors Assn, America Votes, House Majority PAC, Democratic Attorneys General Assn, American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Democracy Engine, National Democratic Redistricting Cmte, Patriot Majority USA, America Votes Action Fund, American Bridge 21st Century, Priorities USA/Priorities USA Action, Swing Left, State Victory Action, Majority Forward, Jb for Governor, Red & Gold, New Democrat Coalition, Coloradans Creating Opportunities, Win Justice PAC

His failure to mention the special interest groups like the ones above shows again that he is pandering to the uneducated liberal who will simply believe anything they hear.

Claim: Its about redoubling our efforts to end racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, and all forms of discrimination

Response: If anyone is causing racism in American it’s the democrats with their identity politics. The urban dictionary gives 5 PRIME examples of the lies propagated by liberals in order to manipulate the American Electorate. (10)

(1) Black people believing that cops specifically target them because of the color of their skin

(2) Feminists believing that men judge and treat them poorly solely based on their gender

(3) Women voting for Hillary Clinton because the US needs its first woman president ASAP to empower women

(4) People believing Trump's voters hate all women, Muslims, and Mexicans by supporting his platform

(5) People assuming if you are a white male, your political ideology is trying to push white supremacy

It’s the democrats not republicans that proliferate racism not the average American.

The idea that American has a sexism problem is also FAKE. There is practically no industry where women are not allowed to work. There are no laws that give them more or less rights than any man. Women can drive, open bank accounts, go out for coffee, buy a car, buy property, go on cruise, ANYTHING. Why if women have all these freedoms in American is the country is totally sexist. Women in muslim countries are held much of the time in slave type conditions. They can’t drive or get a job or even get an education, yet America is the one with sexist problem. The fact that sanders makes out that America treats women worse than saudi arabia is a total outrage and for this lie he should meet the front end of a pitch fork (maybe in the leg) for his lies!

If the US is so homophobic why did President Trump just announce a global initiative to end the criminalization of homosexuality? (11) If the country is so homophobic why in 2015 where there over 9 million members LGBT community? (12) If the country is so homophobic why are have there been openly gay elected officials from EVERY STATE of the union? (12) If the country is so homophobic why in 2010 was there 70,000 members of the military who were lesbian, gay or bisexual? (12) If the country is so homophobic why did the create a website with the “top 25 unforgettable Gay TV Kisses”? (13)

While it is true that religious hate crimes did rise in 2018 according to the FBI (14) Sanders failed to mention that antisemitic hate crimes did rise 37%. Sanders and many democrats would have you believe it was from republicans and white people even though they have no evidence, but did you know that muslims and Jews are essentially mortal enemies and the muslims are commanded to kill Jews whenever and wherever they can? The population of muslims in America jumped 1.1 million from 2.35 to 3.45 million people. Not even the media are willing to report that it “IS possible to link the increased antisemitic hate crimes to the muslim population.

Harvard was recently sued because it discriminated TOO much in favor of certain racial groups at the expense of another racial group (15) Affirmative action still is alive and well and include through the entire country and in many cases include sexual orientation. So what discrimination is he referring to??

The pew research center stated in 2017 that “Americans increasingly view immigrants as a source of strength, rather than as a burden, for the nation.“ and ”71% of Americans think affirmative action programs “are a good thing”, up from 63% three years ago.” and “About two-thirds (65%) say that immigrants strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents” (16) So which systemic problem of discrimination is sanders talking about? Like his exaggerations above these statements by him are not worth the video they were recorded on.

(THIS outrage will be continued in the next Post)

End of part 1


















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J Jones III
J Jones III
Feb 21, 2019

Bernie Lied so many times in his 2020 bid vid that I almost want to give him a award for the biggest load of crap ever spoken in a 10 minute span, but then I figure he’s already got enough participation trophy’s to last him a lifetime!!

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