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Will the REAL Slim-Shady Please Stand Up!!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Copyright © John Jones, 6/9/2014

Honest politics and politicians died out the day after one important person left the White House after his second term as president. That man was George Washington, who served from 1789 to 1797. His presidential chair was not even cold before the mudslinging, personal attacks and less than stellar campaign tactics began.

The John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson 1796 presidential campaigns gave birth to the torrid, distasteful and shameless style of politics we see today. Thomas Jefferson campaign attacked Adams by saying that George Washington had ‘debauched’ and corrupted the nation, and that his administration, thus Adams, was ‘fraught with incalculable evils.’

Adams campaign attacked Jefferson by calling him an atheist, an anarchist, and a coward. A common description of Jefferson and his supporters was that they were 'cut-throats' who walk in rags and sleep amidst vermin.’

Many people put our founding fathers on a pedestal of righteousness but in many cases they never actually lived up to the characteristics we gave them. Many of the politicians of yesteryear used these campaign tactics of the founding fathers, but today they have truly surpassed an ability to reach new levels of political intrigue & idiocy.

Now Harry Reed, a Nevada senator, can get up on the Senate floor and call people dog abusers, murderers, tax cheats, swindlers, con-men, pedophiles and corrupt meanwhile he’s the most crooked of them all. Additionally, we must not forget about the dozen or so ‘phony scandals’ plagued by the Obamination administration. These are the same scandals so conveniently ignored by the lame stream media for all these years, but that is another story.

Since that fateful election of John Adams we have been desensitized to the shoddy politics, the lies, the deceptions, and the indignities imposed upon us from one politician or another. We need people who put country before self, who put the people before the government. Why is it so difficult for those we elect into office to just do the right thing?

The reason we have this corrupt systems today is because judges think they can rewrite laws, government ‘is too big to fail’, legislators have unlimited power, and even the president obama thinks he can make laws with his pen even though it’s entirely illegal.

In order to solve this we need to do the following:

STOP making judgeships (federal, and supreme) a lifetime position. Judges who violate the law and/or make laws should be held accountable and should not be allowed to serve if they have violated their oath of office.

All government officials and government agencies need to be held accountable. Recent problems with the Secret Service, VA, ATF, ICE, IRS, NSA, EPA, BLM, and HHS divisions show that government workers nor their supervisors are being held accountable for their corruption.

Members of the US congress do not hold themselves to the laws of the land. They don’t have to pay Obamacare premiums even though they don’t qualify for subsidies. Congress is exempted itself from insider trading laws. Here are a few more you might find interesting:

Whistle-blower Protections: Congress passed the Whistle-blower Protection Act in 1989, which protects workers in the executive branch from retaliation for reporting waste, mismanagement or lawbreaking. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act gives similar protections to private-sectors workers. But legislative-branch workers — a category that includes congressional staffers as well as employees of the Library of Congress, the Architect of the Capitol and other offices —don’t get the same protections.

Prosecution for Retaliating Against Employees: If a private-sector employer retaliates against a worker for reporting health or safety hazards, the Department of Labor can investigate and, if necessary, sue the employer. Congress’ Office of Compliance doesn’t have that power — legislative-branch employees must file suit personally and pay their own legal fees.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Retaliation Training: The No Fear Act requires agencies in the executive branch to provide such training to employees, but the legislative branch is exempt.

The Freedom of Information Act: The public can request information from federal agencies, but Congress, the federal courts and some parts of the Executive Office of the President are exempt.’

As a result, reports that, ‘The number of complaints of discrimination and harassment filed by legislative-branch workers with the Office of Compliance has nearly doubled in the last two years, from 102 in the 2009 fiscal year to 196 in the 2011 fiscal year. Workers’ complaints about retaliation or intimidation have risen even more sharply, from 36 in fiscal year 2009 to 108 in fiscal year 2011.’

Congress needs a pay cut and term limits to end this unethical and illegal behavior.

Currently, the president is incompetent. According to him everything that has ever went wrong in his obamination administration he only found out due to news reports. Illegal gun running, VA deaths, IRS mistreatment, NSA spying, etc. It’s a good thing the ‘media’ let him know about all these problems. Here’s the thing once he ‘found out’ he hasn’t done one thing to solve the problems. Firing someone who is about to retire is far from solving the issue. In fact, it just shows that he doesn’t care about what is really happening to American citizens or that he IS violating the laws of the land and his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. He also fails to realize as did many other presidents that executive orders ONLY apply to the executive branch not the entire country. The fact that Obama is using executive orders to create, or change current law is utterly illegal.

The solution to these political problems is simple. There needs to be term limits in all non-elected and elected government positions. The American people should have the ability to recall any non-elected (especially judges) or elected government official for wrongdoing. Any government official found to be corrupt should then be banned from running or being appointed for ANY political office for life.

The catastrophic amount of malicious corruption that exists in our government will only grow until we the people have had enough or it will grow until we can’t stop it (this is going to be the probable result anyway). We must stop reelecting the same people who care nothing for us, but for themselves. When dealing with career politician’s it is important to remember 3 key things.

First, they will Say and Do WHATEVER it takes to get elected.

Second, they will Say and Do WHATEVER it takes to stay in power.

Third, they will Say and Do WHATEVER it takes for their party/friends to stay in power.

ALL corrupt & power hungry politicians (that means everyone not just D’s and R’s) should not be rewarded for their cowardice nor their greed. They should be run out of town and be forced to live in a cave with a candle for light and a bucket for the other things. Instead they are given the ‘keys to the city’ and given free rein to rape and pillage the countryside at their leisure, because they know no one is willing to step up and stop them. How sad!!

Writers Note: I welcome responses to my article. For those who may disagree with me I encourage nay challenge you to try and refute my assertions with clear, concise, and verifiable arguments to counter the ones I have presented (see above and source material below as an example). If you cannot or will not present your case in an intelligent, cohesive and organized manner then don’t waste your time getting into this debate. For those who want to receive more essays or articles please let me know and I will make sure you get a digital copies hot off the press.


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