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THE TRUTH: Abortion on demand IS murder on demand!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

By John Jones © 2012

The Supreme Court rationale for granting an abortion as “a fundamental right under the constitution” (1) was not only a “Fundamental mistake” but has led to the “Fundamental Massacre” of well over 60 million PEOPLE since that fateful day. The Court suggested that it is well within a woman’s right of privacy to terminate a pregnancy. That may be true and they may want to; However, it is NOT within a woman’s or nor ANYONE'S right to kill another human being. Essentially a fertilized egg IS a human being regardless of how you try to reason otherwise.

Therefore according to the constitution that Human being has right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Although it can’t speak or defend itself the bill of rights and all applicable laws of the United States must apply. These laws were designed to protect us from harm, to keep us safe, so why doesn’t it apply to a human who is in the womb.

The law does not allow me to walk up to someone minding their own business and pull out a gun and murder them. Yet, millions of unborn human children are killed in the most horrid ways every year in the name of woman’s rights. What about the rights of the human child that just had their brain sucked out in a late term abortion or the other child who was scraped out of his mother’s uterus cause it was a mistake?

This practice is obsolete for several reasons. First, it has become all to clear the society has “lighten up” on single and unwed mothers. The embarrassment of having a child out of wed-lock has come and gone, so getting an abortion so your parents and friends don’t find out is so passé.

Second, there are literally millions of people who can’t have children and would go through hell and back to have a child. Only a blatantly selfish and immoral person would then kill an unborn child knowing that they could live and be happy with someone else

Third, if there were ANY mothers out there who could not continue to carry a child due to health problems. The technology exists that allow human children to be born prematurely and still survive.

Therefore there is there absolutely NO reason at all for anyone to perform an abortion. Anyone who does is committing murder. That includes the mother, doctors, nurses, the husbands/boyfriends, and the government who failed to enforce its own laws against the killing of innocent and helpless children.

Will we have to wait until the number killed reaches 100,000,000. That’s one hundred million children. We call what Hitler did a holocaust. He only killed 7 to 11 million people. Since the legalization of abortion WE, the USA, and its citizens are responsible for the killing up to 6 (SIX) TIMES MORE THAN what Hitler did in Germany.(2) So what does that make us then?

It’s time to take back our country. It’s time to let our government know that abortion is not a woman’s right or a woman’s health issue. Abortion is murder and has no place in our society just like serial killers and pedophiles. We need to make those politicians accountable for their stances and actions. When they fail to conduct themselves according to the moral and ethical principles that our country was founded we need to fire them.

When ALL politicians know and understand that they serve at the pleasure of “we the people” not of their party or lobbyist’s, perhaps then we might make progress. Until them it is your duty and the duty of all Americans to hold them accountable for their actions and inactions at every opportunity.



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