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Copyright © John Jones, 12/18/2012

It is a true wonder how liberals and their media zombies can and will mislead and misinterpret the reality of gun control. The greatest lie ever perpetuated is that guns kill. Every thinking, rational, and intelligent non-liberal person knows that 100% of the time a gun requires a human to pull the trigger. So why is it the democrats and idiot celebrity twitter brigade want to control guns when it’s a PEOPLE issue? So following this FLAWED ideology of gun control presented by liberals I’ve compiled a list of other important things that need to be banned for the good of the people.

-The ocean, every lake, river, creek, swimming pool, and bodies of water have killed and will kill in the future and there for must be drained and filled in to protect us from drowning!

-Cars present a strong threat of death especially if the driver is drunk, and of course most commonly the person has absolutely no earthly idea how to operate the vehicle safely. Thus, being in and or around one can cause death so we must for the protection of all wipe all cars and vehicles off the face of the earth!

-Bridges, any building one story or higher, and mountains & cliffs are dangerous because people jump off these high places causing death. Therefore, ALL bridges should be torn down, NO building should be more than four feet tall, ALL mountains & cliffs should be flattened so our lives will be preserved!

-Electricity passing through the delicate human form is not pleasant. In fact many times it's lethal. This deadly menace must be stopped for our own good. We must take immediate action to ban its use so that we may survive albeit in the dark!

-Our yellow sun bringer of life is really a deadly ball of fire. Not only will it blind you but it can kill you in certain desert regions if you're not careful. For these reasons alone we should blow it up so that it’s not a threat any longer. (Psst!..Look what it did to Venus. Enough said?)

-Come to think of it the Earth itself is a deathtrap. You can succumb to exposure at the poles. Landslides, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes will put a crimp in your breathing rate. What can we do? I submit we drill down to the core and blow up the earth. We have to make sure the Earth doesn't harm another precious soul.

-and finally the coup de gra. Humans aka people are the ones who pull the trigger of the guns and THAT'S the problem. So in order to COMPLETELY solve the issue there can be only one solution. If every human on planet earth is killed there won't be any one left to pull the trigger of a gun.

BAM. Problem solved NO more gun violence. On a more serious note there' be no more liberals either. I guess we can only dream for that glorious day.

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