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The Diary of a Libtard!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Copyright © John Jones, 31 MAY 2018

The internet recently had a collective meltdown about a new york lawyer who was caught on video complaining about the workers speaking spanish to customers and threating to call ICE because they were ‘illegal.’ Certainly, this person deserves the outrage he's received because he did make broad generalizations about a group of people based on false information and intimidation. He’s the perfect liberal, but that's not the pointof this essay.

He was TOTALLY wrong to say what he did so there is no question about that! It’s interesting, though, that no one is taking the time to listen & understand the events leading up to his inept outburst or ask themselves 'What did he mean or why did he say that?' We are quick to express outrage about viral videos but we rarely see or comprehend what transpired beforehand. Thankfully here we were able to see what led to his idiotic outburst.

Here is a brief transcript of his before he went off the rails.

“Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English

“every person I listen to he spoke it, he spoke it, and she is speaking it..This is America. (referring to employees NOT customers)

So, he was complaining about employees not speaking English to customers when ordering. What did he mean you should be speaking English? What’s wrong with not speaking English when ordering food? What’s he got against people speaking another language? Some might think one should be able to order in ANY language they want its their right, right? One might say it does not hurt anyone to let people order in ANY language they want or know, right. One might say you’re just a bigot and racist if you force a poor unfortunate person to communicate with you in English. Has anyone even bother to ponder these monumental questions?

In 2015, the census bureau showed that in the new york metro area there were 192 different languages spoken by various groups. (1) If you wanted to own a restaurant and you needed to accommodate EVERY SINGLE one of the 192 languages you would need at the least 192 different menus, 192 people to translate during all business hours and a building big enough to hold all those people. If you were open 12 hours per day and you had to pay each translator $10 to work while you were open, you would pay 192 people x 12 hours x $10. That works out to twenty-three thousand ($23,000) dollars just to pay those people FOR ONE DAY. That means you would have to sell one thousand five hundred and thirty-six (1536) pizzas PER day just to cover translator labor expenses not to mention the rent, utilities, food cost, etc.

When I brought this up to a liberal on facebook his response was “if ur a business owner in a place where u do have 100 different languages then YES as a SMART and EDUCATED man you should have people that know those languages because chances are ur business will fail if u dnt” after much more back and forth he returned to this point by saying..

“you are wrong- especially on ur point about if u had a business and people speaking 100 different languages would u hav to hire people that spoke those languages- yes dumb ass u would have to so ur dumb ignorant ass could flourish in business- but nooooo ur all like oh english only this is America”

In essence this person is saying that he’s ok with AND expects a restaurant owner in new york city to pay one million four hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars ($1,495,000) per year on the off chance that someone who speaks one of these 192 languages pops in to order food? There is a reason that English is used during business transactions because it helps the business communicate with their customers.

For hundreds of years we have used English. It’s is a part of our culture and an institution for example:

The constitution of the United States of America and all the states with constitutions were written in English!

ALL federal, state, and local records are all recorded and kept in English!

ALL federal, state, and local laws are all written, passed, and signed in English!

30 of 50 states passed legislating making English their official language!

All money & currency denominations ALL have denoted values in English!

The pledge of allegiance and the national anthem were written and are performed in English!

ALL criminal and civil court proceedings are all begun and disposed of in English!

The SAT, and ACT tests are written, taken, and graded in English!

You must take an English test to become a naturalized citizen!

ALL students in the k-12 system must take proficiency exams that include their knowledge of the English language!

Most college classes are taught and graded in English!

Maps, Street signs, city markers, and other road signs are in English!

All major newspapers, TV stations, and networks all broadcast in English!

Telephone books when they were still around where in English!

Airport control towers use English to communicate with airplanes!

Therefore, it IS NOT unreasonable to use English in the public square and never has been since the founding of our country. Although it is NOT an official law it IS part of our culture to use English when conducting business in America AND part of a natural born citizen or a naturalized citizen’s JOB is to assimilate into our society not dissimilate!

Assimilation is NOT speaking one language everyday all day in all situations (English only as some would say). It’s accepting the culture that YOU are in while trying to integrate aspects of your own culture, it’s speaking the language of the culture YOU are in WHEN appropriate, and whether YOU like it or not it’s appropriate much of the time, it’s supporting the laws of the culture YOU are in at all times, it’s respecting the people and their cultural traditions YOU encounter, and finally it’s helping others do the same.

Why is assimilation such a dirty word. Many on the left hate it because encourages people to REALLY communicate, and thus they all can learn to care, love, understand each other. Instead, they discourage it because if fosters distrust, hatred, fear, and disunity among ALL peoples. Our failure to be united as ONE is the goal of all those who wish to dominate us. The thirteen colonies were able to survive, fight and win the American revolution not just with luck or coincidence. They ultimately won the fight because people from totally different backgrounds and cultures stood side by side to fight as one for something worth fighting for!

That’s exactly what the left is so afraid of that if we can talk with each other if we know each other if we get along if we begin to love each other that they won’t be able to pit race against race, gender against gender, blacks against the police, men against women, victim groups against other victim groups and then they will have no one left to manipulate into voting for them. These things are simple and plain to see and understand if you are able nay willing to see them. If you are not I hope one day you can escape the grip of the democrat plantation and you will think for yourself and you see the truth..

Writers Note: I welcome responses this content. For those who may disagree with me I encourage nay challenge you to try and refute my assertions with clear, concise, and verifiable arguments to counter the ones I have presented (see above and source material below as an example). If you cannot or will not present your case in an intelligent, cohesive and organized manner then don’t waste your time getting into this dance.




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