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The Anti-toleration Compulsion and YOU!!

Copyright © John Jones, 2/1/2009

It truly boggles the mind how many people in this world just WON'T get along with each other. Scientist have shown that the humans on this planet have the same genetic heritage so just why is it so difficult for people to be nice and live in peace. From days of the Great Roman Empire to the Dark Ages to the days of the Great Wars and now to the Great Middle Eastern conflict many people have been afflicted with Anti-toleration Compulsion.

The Romans tolerated none unless you where of nobility and of a good family During the middle ages the Church tolerated absolutely no infringements of their power and beliefs For two thousand years the Church and Christians alike persecuted JEWS because of what they did to Jesus Some Islamic believers do not tolerate ANYONE who does not share their belief systems and it's their duty to either convert them or kill them The US as a whole could not tolerate the Native Americans living in the states of the union and forcibly relocated them or just killed them There is and has been racial and religious genocide in Africa because one "Race or Religious group" can't or won't deal with the fact that there are others in the world besides themselves Since the days of slavery and civil rights in the US some fringe groups still do not tolerate people who are not white Some African Americans do not tolerate successful other African Americans and accuse them of "Acting White" Many in the SAME religious groups have problems tolerating people in other religious groups just because their name is different Democrats can't tolerate a Republicans and visa versa. In fact, mostly EVERY political group can stand any of the other ones Many liberal college professors can not tolerate young people or anyone who believes in conservative ideals and/or policies During the last election people did not tolerate others who wanted to vote a different way than they did Some people just can't tolerate people because they THINK differently or have differing opinions on important issues of the day The Palestinians really hate the Israelis even though it was the British and the UN that set up the Israeli State all those years ago not Jews themselves Low income people can't tolerate all those "Rich People" even though some of those rich people started out in the low income tax bracket like they did Hollywood actors and homosexuals are intolerant of California voters who voted to affirm that marriage was between one man and one woman.

I am sure if I had enough time I could come up with pages and pages of all those people who are anti-Tolerant. To be honest my point is made concise just be these few examples I could come up with off the top of my head. The world is full of the anti-toleration compulsion and no one seems to notice.

It's the Year 2009 aren't we as a people supposed to be above this type of behavior? Think of all that we have accomplished since the days of the Renaissance. We've got longer and easier lives, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, planes, trains, automobiles, space rockets, satellites, global communication, astro-physics, radio and television, to name a few. So why is it we still carry intolerance for others? We can send a space probe millions of miles outside our solar system but someone still wants to kill me because I don't pray to ALLAH. We are currently building a multi-billion dollar international space station yet many of these countries can get along on earth.

The premise the United States of America was built on was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These documents I believe was the attempt by our Founding Fathers to show us how we can tolerate others without losing our own identity. We are individuals and have the right to free speech, freedom of religion, we have the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness and other rights. These concepts are unique to the USA. Americans should be the role models of the entire world when it comes to these rights given to us by our forefathers. There are millions of people with many different thoughts and opinions that have a right to hold and express them to anyone they want providing they follow three basic precepts

-Respect others who have differing opinions and speech than you, allow them their speech when they allow you yours -Free speech and our other rights come with a consequence. If you are not willing to accept those consequences then you should refrain from enacting these rights -Always be on guard for those who would try to take our freedoms away and fight them everyway possible Stop the Anti-toleration Compulsion in our society. Let the young people know its OK to have your own opinion or to think differently that others and its OK to express them. Let those people who are set in their ways know EVERY person on Earth may not think like them and it's perfectly OK.

Speak, write, and think your own ideas and never let anyone tell you otherwise!

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