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Just what Makes a Great President

Copyright © John Jones, 1/1/2009

President Bush has been in office for 2,917 days, and most of those days many in the main stream media and bloggers didn't have many nice things to say about him. Like many presidents he inherited some of the following things:

a country in a recession, B. Madoff was working his magic then also. a country where mortgage companies were already stretched thin with risky loans. a country that had a shredded military thanks to Clinton. a country that had been attacked several times by terrorists with no military response. a country that was weakened by Clintons sexual scandal and his dishonesty. a country where liberal media would never criticize Clinton for his wrongdoings because they were bias.

I am sure there is much more I could list for but for the sake of time I'll just leave the list to this for now. Yet many call President Bush the worst President of all time. Obviously those people don't know their history very well. Historians also note that during their presidency Lincoln and Truman where hated. Lincoln was loathed for the civil war and was considered a dunderhead. Truman was despised for his use of the atomic bomb. What will President Bush be know for I wonder?

The one and only event that really galvanized his presidency was the Destruction of the World Trade Center Complex by terrorists. Everything he has said and every decision he has made since that time has been a direct result of that event. Unlike his predecessor Bush has NEVER done the following things:

-lie while under oath in a deposition. -try cover up a sexual episode in the oval office by attacking a foreign country. -cover up a shady land deal "Whitewater" and Hillary's billing practices and tenure at the Rose law firm. -cause the untimely death or disappearance of anyone who had inside info of the Clintons. -fail to respond when attacked by terrorists that result in 9/11 attacks.

What President Bush has done in the last 8 years is clear to anyone who has a heart beat. Whether you are Republican or Democrat or other you just can not deny it. President Bush's said he would bring back the honor and dignity to the presidency after Clinton slimed it up. He did that! He brought back the authority and greatness of the presidency after Clinton demeaned it to its lowest level ever seen. He did that! But if you need specific examples here is a few:

-He never took himself too seriously and always honestly told the American people what needed to be said, he didn't sugar coat it, he did what he thought was right and he did what needed to be done to protect all of us from terror. -He told terrorists that you would not get away with attacking the USA and No further attacks have occurred on US soil, even though attack global have increased. -Saddam Hussein who was a murderous dictator (his sons also raped and killed women at will) who Clinton FAILED TO DEAL WITH was captured, tried and executed by his own people. -he turned Iraq and Afghanistan from religions dictatorships into Middle Eastern democracies where freedom has a chance to grow. -he has increased the ability of our Law enforcement agencies to find, detect and stop attacks before they happen. -he never became bitter over the daily and dim-witted attacks by the liberal media who were clearly biased against him at all times. -he never allowed public opinion polls to influence his decision process. He is that same man he was 8 years ago, He never compromised his beliefs because they were not popular in the polls, He never waivered against the terrorists, He has a popularity rating higher than the current congress of the USA. -most of all HE honored those who fought and died for this country!

You may hate him, you may despise him, but you can not fault him. He kept us all safe. He restored honor to the Presidency. For his desire to do what was right and needed for the USA regardless of his popularity rating his name shall stand with our most loved and revered leaders.

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