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Double Standard-The Cuban/Haiti/Mexico Immigration Battle

Copyright © John Jones, 4/26/2010

Arizona is the First state to accomplish what the federal government has failed to do for decades by calling LAWBREAKERS what they are LAWBREAKERS, instead they are called racists. Let’s get some things straight. It is illegal to be in the USA illegally. That means it is a crime. We as Americans are punished when we are caught in the act of a crime, but many illegals breaking the law get a free pass. It is interesting to note that many people are silent on the tough immigration stance of Florida. If you want to get down to it is blatantly discriminatory, yet do not hear a peep from the liberal media mind zombies.

The 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, called the Dry foot, Wet foot policy, stated that if a Cuban made it to U.S. soil that they could apply for asylum, but if they were stopped in the ocean they would be sent back to Castro controlled Cuba or a third country. (1) The policy toward Haitians one if not the poorest country in the world was even more strict. Many Haitians arriving on dry land were detained and sent back to Haiti, even if they were in fear of their lives.(2) The biggest difference between Haiti and Cuba being on of political hardship and the other financial one, and of course the most obvious difference need not be said.

So where is the outrage about Cuban illegals receiving special treatment over Haitian illegals? Why is it across the Mexican border states and dare I say across the country its frowned upon to ask people are you legal? It is a violation of the law to be here illegally or not? If I rob a bank will I not be punished? If I crash my car killing someone will I not be punished? If I don’t pay taxes will not the IRS come after me? Then why is it so difficult to take care of the illegals in this country? The reason is the Liberals want to pander to all those illegals and their children they have in the US illegally.

The liberals say you will offend the Hispanics if you crack down. Well, guess what Liberals. You offend me by NOT cracking down and not giving the INS and ALL law Enforcement the power to clear out the Rafters of the 20 million illegal aliens. (3) That’s right ALIENS not Undocumented or some other touchy feel-good-LIE. ALIENS who don’t belong here and that are breaking the law! If they want to come here legally let them follow the law like ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF THE USA.

Why is it bad to call wrong what is wrong. I applaud Arizona for saying its illegal because it is. Police should be able to ask ANYONE of any race or color if they are a citizen. Police should be able to give illegal aliens to the federal government for deportation. After all it’s the lack of action on their part that has caused the problem in the first place. There should also be ONE policy for all groups so that just so that no one receives special treatment. What is good for one should be good for ALL!! Period!




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