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Don’t blame Fat, Soda, or Mcdonalds for Obesity. Blame the Liberals!

Copyright © John Jones, 6/11/2014

The liberals like blaming other people for their problems (See obama, Both clintons, Reid, weiner as primary examples). A big topic, nowadays, they like to blame others for (besides their own political misfortunes) is the obesity problem in adults and in children. A previous New York City mayor unsuccessfully tried to ban large sodas. Also in New York, lawyers tried, and failed miserably, to bring a class action lawsuit against Mcdonalds because of the ‘potential ill effects’ of the food on the poor little children of New York. In California, in 2010, a liberal think tank filed a lawsuit saying that Mcdonald’s Happy meals ‘entice children into eating food that can do them harm. (i.e. make them fat)’

The problem is we have two important things that many liberals forget about in our society. These things are called: parental and personal responsibility.

If a parent takes their child to Mcdonalds or other fast food restaurant everyday why is it that it becomes the restaurants fault? As a parent YOU are the one responsible for the proper care and upbringing of your child and that includes what they eat. If YOU are not capable of using the word NO when it comes to fast food or unhealthy food it’s SOLEY & SIMPLY your fault alone. Please stop blaming other people and even other businesses because of your choice to voluntarily go there to feed your child. You are the responsible adult for your child so please start acting like one. Even a blogger, from Chicago an extremely liberal city, agrees that ‘Weakness as a parent is not a reason to sue McDonald's or any other company.’

As an adult, you are responsible for everything you do. These responsibilities include but of course are not limited to: driving a car, working, paying the bills, managing your debt, and of course feeding yourself. No one is force feeding you unhealthy food. As an adult you put the food in your own mouth and eat it, therefore whatever happens you have yourself to blame. Neither Ronald Mcdonald nor Wendy hold a gun to your head and force you to eat the burgers & fries. There is no a red hot branding iron held in a threating manner at golden corral forcing you to go back for the fifth plate off the buffet.

The liberal agenda has misled many people to believe that the concept of parental and personal responsibility does not exist. To them it’s so much more politically helpful to them if they just blame someone or something else for their problems or afflictions. That makes it much easier for them to swoop in and pass some dumb law like banning 32 oz. sodas, transfats or red meat in the name of public health.

As an example of this idiocy here are some things that a liberal California think tank, called the center for progressive policy want to ban from our midst:

* aerosol cans * ammunition and bullets * baseball players using tobacco products * bottled water (San Francisco) * bull fighting * burning coal * carbon dioxide * Christmas trees in public places * cigarette smoking in public places * cigarette smoking in your own home * clove flavored cigarettes (San Francisco) * coal mining * conservative websites (yes... they tried this in DC) * cutting trees on your own property (California) * drilling for oil * diving boards in swimming pools * DDT * freon * disposable diapers * dodgeball played in schools * drinking whole milk

* driving in a car without wearing a seat belt * eating anything fried in transfats (NYC) * eating red meat * enforcing immigration laws * flying an American flag * food that contains too much salt (NYC) * fossil fuels * freedom of speech at universities * gender biased words like "history" * glass beer bottles * Glenn Beck * goldfish (San Francisco) * guns of all kinds * "In God We Trust" on our currency * internal combustion engines * junk food * male circumcision * mentioning God in public places * merit pay for union workers * normal flush toilets

* nuclear power plants * plastic bags * refining oil * riding a motorcycle without a helmet * Rush Limbaugh * saying "Merry Christmas" * soft drinks sweetened with sugar * soft drinks sold from vending machines * speech that anyone might find offensive * sports that involve violent physical contact * styrofoam containers (proposed in California) * SUVs * talk radio they don't like * teaching real history in schools * teaching penmanship * the Ten Commandments * toys in Happy Meals (San Francisco) * unsupervised children blowing up balloons (EU) * using metaphors like target, crosshairs, or sights * using President Obama's middle name * using the phrase "Obamacare" for National Healthcare * Walmart (yes... they are banned in some cities) * wearing animal fur

The biggest thing they want to ban is freedom of speech. Liberal professors: assault anti-abortion demonstrators and subject their students to inappropriate political tirades. Liberal colleges force people to into free speech zones & forbid students from handing out free copies of the Constitution, and discriminate against anyone who does not agree with their radical agenda by supporting the mutilation, abuse, and murder of women not only in the United states, but world-wide. Thanks Brandies University!

Thanks to the liberals we live in a society that refuses to take responsibility for itself its actions.

We blame a gun for the crime not the person who pulled the trigger.

We say the alcohols at fault for drunk driving not the person drinking.

We blame the cigarettes for cancer, but you don’t have to smoke.

We say that Mcdonalds made me fat when you had a choice NOT to eat there.

We blame soda for health problems, but you don’t have to drink two-2 liters every day.

We say texting caused the accident, but you could have put the phone down.

Every so-called thing or event that the liberals want to ‘so kindly’ to protect us from are completely of our own doing. We are solely responsible for what happens in our lives. The security that the liberals want to give us it not a protection at all but a control. They want to restrict what we do and what we say and how we act. For those of you interested that is called a dictatorship, and we are already half way there.

Side note: I am noting that there is a common argument, for liberals that obesity is a genetic condition. I agree that body sizes and shapes can be passed down from one generation to another. However gorging yourself for 2 hours at golden corral four times a week is not genetic. Eating reasonably & responsibly to sustain your body nutrient levels, no matter what your body type, is what’s important.

In my own health journey I had to recognize that it was not the food that was the problem but the addiction I had to it. I had known for over 20 years of the link between my emotions, stress and eating habits. It was only when I severed the emotional link (which was positive and negative) with the food that I was able bring about a change resulting in losing over 70 lbs.

I don’t blame the restaurants nor the supermarket where I bought food for the weight gain. I, like all of you, am the one responsible for the good, bad and ugly that happens in life. I do blame, though, the liberals that tell us to blame others for our own misfortunes in their effort to increase their own political power.

Writers Note: I welcome responses to my article. For those who may disagree with me I encourage nay challenge you to try and refute my assertions with clear, concise, and verifiable arguments to counter the ones I have presented (see above and source material below as an example). If you cannot or will not present your case in an intelligent, cohesive and organized manner then don’t waste your time getting into this debate. For those who want to receive more essays or articles please let me know and I will make sure you get a digital copies hot off the press.










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