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A Simple Solution to the US Debt problem

Copyright © John Jones, 20 April 2011

The federal government is OUT OF CONTROL. Financially, morally and ethically out of control in every way. Spending money we don’t have, Aborting millions of Babies, and out right lying to the American people or lying through the Liberal Media Mind Zombies are rampant. The problems we face right now are the gravest we’ve ever seen in this great country and all they can do in Washington is point fingers, and do nothing. I guess it takes someone who is not a politician to show the slackers up in Washington how we can solve this problem.

Step one. The federal government must not spend money they do not have. States, counties, cities, and regular citizens must do it. Why is the federal government different?

Step two. Throw out the tax code. If you need a team of lawyers to file your taxes then it’s just too complicated. Replace the tax code with a flat tax. This flat tax would cover anyone legally able to work in the USA. Set the tax rate at 10 percent across the board. The US census bureau stated that in 2007 of the 300 million people in the USA there were 227 million adults(1). Even though in 2009 the average income was 50k per year(2) let’s say that its really only 25k. A flat tax of 10 percent ($2500) for 227 million adults for ONE year is 567.5 Billion. 28.375 Trillion is what you get if you do this for 50 years. The chart below is based on actual income ranges from the US Census and show the tax income for each income bracket and the total tax dollars received because of a flat tax.

Chart based on 227 million tax payers with a 10% tax rate

Population % income tax 1 year 50 years

15.89 million 7% 100k+ 10k 158.9 B 7.945 T

13.62 million 7% 75-100k 7.5k 102.15 B 5.107 T

36.32 million 16% 50-75k 5k 181.6 B 9.08 T

81.72 million 36% 25-50k 2.5k 204.3 B 10.215 T

79.45 million 35% 25k- 1.25k 99.312 B 4.965 T

Totals 746.262 B 37.312 T

Step three. STOP ABORTING BABIES. Since 1973 it is estimated that there have been over 57.2 million aborted babies(3). This is a conservative number and probably is an understatement. Not only has there been murder way past the genocide scale but what many people don’t realize that most of those babies would’ve entered the work force. Over 50 years of their working life these 57 million taxpayers would have paid 7.150 Trillion in taxes. If you add this to the amount in to the chart above it would add up to almost 45 Trillion Dollars. THAT’S 900 BILLION PER YEAR FOR 50 YEARS. Why isn’t this enough for the federal government?

Step Four. TELL THE TRUTH! Politicians of all kinds stop lying and tell the truth instead use fear mongering to get people to vote the way they want. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that the majority of the Media are in bed with Obama and the Democrats. Those who ARE fair and balanced are vilified and considered second rate. The truth is that these media outlets that fail expose the liberals duplicity are the lowest form of life on this planet next to those politicians who find it difficult to speak the truth about their actions and the actions of their party. THE TRUTH IS THAT THE THESE POLITICIANS WANT TO SPEND MONEY WE DON’T HAVE AND THEY THINK WE THE PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN WASHINGTON DC. If these people refuse to get our financial house in order than they don’t deserve to be in office nor do they deserve a pay check or pension and benefits when we are voted out of office. In fact all benefits, pensions and pay in Washington DC should be halted until the federal government can pay them WITHOUT borrowing any money from anyone.

Step Five. It is up to US to make everyone in Washington DC accountable to the people. As voters we all must ensure that every single one of the legislators’ and even the president know that THEY SERVE THE VOTERS. They all must be taught that their failure in Washington WILL result in their removal at the next election, PERIOD. They must be taught that the positions they hold are the peoples and failure to conduct themselves in a manner befitting it will result in their removal at the next election, PERIOD. The must be taught that the people are NOT afraid to stand up to them and when they refuse to listen to us or are corrupt that they can expect to be removed at the next election or impeached, PERIOD. Only until this happens will the nonsense stop in Washington DC.

Be sure to vote in the next election so we can begin to send this message. If you don’t vote you only get what you voted for NOTHING!!




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