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A Day in the Life of Government Regulation

Copyright © John Jones, 4/1/2010

I have a question for you. Think of JUST ONE thing that is not regulated by a government entity. It’s a simple task right? I have been thinking for hours and my list of things THAT ARE regulated or controlled by the government keeps growing and growing. Let’s see how long the list will get before I get writers cramp.

Income-We pay a Federal/state/local income tax, a sales tax, a property tax, an inheritance tax, a medi-care tax, a social security tax, a capital gains tax, a Gas tax, a Phone tax (Cell & Home), a electricity tax, a vehicle tax, a road tax, a luxury tax, a marriage tax, a real estate tax, and taxes I can’t even think of right now. Taxes to come are a junk food tax.

Homes/Apartments/Modular Homes/Condos-Codes and regulations are written from everything from Wall thickness, ceiling heights to size, water usage of the toilet just to name a few. Well over 300-400 different codes

Water-We pay for water that is treated (I mean fortified) with chemicals according to government standards. It is then treated after we use it to similar standards then in many cases pumped back into the aquifer.

Food/Drugs/Etc-Federal regulations require nutritional labels on food products and warning labels on drugs. The problem there is no warning labels on the chemicals in the food which in many cases are worse than the prescription drugs that have a list of side effect 3 pages long. This is way too long for a label on a bottle! The food and drug administration while trying to protect us from harm actually do more harm than good.

Electronic Devices-Most if not all electrical devices must be UL Listed or rated, which is a code of regulations set by the government.

Television/Radio/Movies/DVD/games/CD’s-The government controls the TV and Radio Airwaves. They determine what can and can not be shown on TV or said on the radio. They forced a rating system upon the movie and gaming industry. There is much more.

Roads-They determine when and where roads will be built even if someone’s home must be seized in the process. The government designs roads so that they must be rebuilt frequently instead of building them to last.

Vehicles-The government regulates MPG and emissions for vehicles. Seat belt Laws and speed limit laws were enacted. They won’t admit to this but they regulate the supply & grade of fuels we use for our cars. EVERY GALLON OF GAS HAS FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL TAXES ATTACHED and in many cases it is illegal for the vendor to reveal the amount of those taxes to its patrons.

Time-The government regulates when and the duration of daylight savings.

Merchandise-All goods shipped in and out of the country, and across state lines are subject to tax and regulation. These tax costs are then passed on to the consumer.

Employment-Work weeks, work hours, minimum pay, benefits and more are all regulated by the government.

Going out to eat-Government is now telling restaurants that they must put full nutritional amounts on all menus. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Many cities and states have banned the evil trans-fat from restaurants. Health departments do mostly an average job of monitoring the cleanliness.

Schools-The Government is now arresting or tazing students. The Zero tolerance policy creates a bunch of mindless robot school administration officials who can’t seem to get their head out of their desk to see that you don’t expel a boy scout for bringing is knife/spork/fork eating utensil to school.

Well, by now I bet you are wondering what my point was. My point is WE HAVE ENOUGH GOVERNMENT REGULATION and now the ABOMINATION OF THE OBAMA-NATION just passed so much new regulation that our heads will be spinning for years. The Fascist Democrats who think they know better than to cross the people who elected them. But noooooo. They know better!! Pssst?? I hope they know that they no only just shot themselves in the foot but they might as well as put themselves out of our misery.



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