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I thought to be called a counter-protester should they be protesting a protest? THEY were the ONLY ones there! THEY did nothing but spew anti-white, anti-american & black supremacist slogans, burn an American flag and then tried to rip people from their cars like they did in the LA riots in 1992. The asinine part is that m crazy maxine waters blamed people NOT EVEN THERE for the actions of rioters. How much more treason will we tolerate from liberals??? - Ima Russanbottatopolas, RFN Guest writer (377)


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J Jones III
J Jones III
19. Feb. 2019

It’s interesting to note the maxine waters asked her supporters to harass, bully, and threaten of President Trump, his cabinet, and his supporters, but instead they are committing harassment, bullying and threatening their OWN democrat party members for not being violent enough, think about it!!

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